Twinchies and Swaps Make for a Fun Summer

Summer is already nearing the end, and I'm so bummed out about that. We've had about the best summer in forever. (I pretty much say that every single summer!) Lots of sunny days poolside, splashing around, eating lunch on the deck and listening to some cool tunes. Days where we stayed in pajamas all day long, watching movies, shows or playing on iPads. And yes, even the days where mama makes the kids take out workbooks and do them to keep sharp on skills. Yeah, I'm THAT mom. But the kids don't really seem to mind too much, thankfully. 

So I haven't blogged or social media'd with any huge detail since the late spring. Kids and family first, right? 

But I have been doing art projects here and there to keep me happy! Last week, in fact, I just finished up some "twinchies" for an online art swap in one of my art groups on Facebook. 

Do you know what a "twinchie" is? Well, an "inchie" is a piece of artwork that is completed on a 1" x 1" substrate. So a "twinchie" is created on a 2" x 2" substrate. Inchies are definitely more common, which is why when I set up the event in my group, I chose to do "twinchies" so that it gave everyone a tiny bit more room to play with. 

Anyhow, I wanted to share what mine are looking like so far. They're pretty addicting to do once you start, so I've got waaaaaay more than I actually need for the swap! If you wanna trade, let me know and we can swap some art!

Happy rainy Monday!