Back at Harley House Decor in Lunenburg, MA

Phew! I finally finished getting my inventory all catalogued, organized and ready to display back at Harley House Decor here in Lunenburg, MA. No small feat, I've learned!

After working feverishly over the last few months to get new items created, painted, built, and put together for my recent art booth debut, I had quite a lot of pieces to add into my inventory. I'm pretty OCD and like to have everything organized and set up so I can quickly access what sold when and where. So after my crazy creative days, I spent the last 2 weeks getting everything into my system, photographed, into my online shops and now, thankfully, set back up at Harley House Decor. 

There's a TON of new items in my booth... so many in fact that I couldn't fit everything! So I've got  all of my art pieces, mixed media, jewelry, paintings, birdhouses, and gifts in my online shop. It was a lot and I've added about 100 new items! From new paper beaded jewelry, clay gnomes, art journals, birdhouses, grab and go gifts and mixed media canvases, there's sure to be something for everyone and every budget in my booth and in my shops!

If you're looking to take a nice ride this weekend, come on out to Harley House Decor at 909 Massachusetts Avenue here in Lunenburg, MA. Drop in and see what's new in the booth, grab some fun art gifts and then head over to Conrad's Seafood right down the street for a scallop plate and ice cream treat! It's like the perfect weekend (to me, anyway!)

Happy Friday!