Fix That Window... DIY Window Decals Are My New Fav!

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The last few nights, I have been jarred awake but the brightest, biggest moon shining right into my face from this big window in my bedroom. Totally wakes me up and really pisses me right off because then I can't get back to sleep. I'm convinced I'm going to end up with a "moon tan."

So I pulled the trigger and finally purchased some of that window cling film on Amazon. I chose the cornucopia design from ArtScapes because it had the green and purple in it that tied in nicely with my bedroom colors.

And I LOVE it! Talk about easy peasey to do! I think the only little hiccup I had when doing it was actually conquering my fear of heights and getting my ass up on the ladder. But I did it. 

Bring on the moon now! Because this stuff is already cutting down on the sun glare that usually is in that room. 

ArtScapes Website


Art Journaling: Day 1 of the #ArtMarks30DayChallenge with Rae Missigman

Today I started my 30 day challenge hosted by Rae Missigman. Creating art marks every day for 30 days in a journal. A fun and playful time in my art journal, with "no rules". I was able to sit at my art desk for about 20 minutes and play with paint, pens, glitter, collage and scribbles.

This page was created using the prompt: "Petal-like". Of course, my first immediate thought was flowers and plants, so that is how I envisioned my page. 

I made a process video on my YouTube channel. Definitely check it out... it's a quickie!

Before I began this morning, I found an art journal that I had in my stash. It was a Strathmore Mixed Media journal with about 40 pages, perfect for what I needed it for. I began by working on the cover so that I know this particular journal is solely for this challenge. Here's a pic of what the cover page looks like: