History on a Very Hot July Morning at the Old North Bridge in Concord, MA

This morning was a hot one. And while we have enjoyed spending most days at the beach, we decided to take a ride out to Concord to check out some history. A pretty drive with some gorgeous homes along the way!

The kids enjoyed all the hidden gardens, the monuments and statues and listening to the audio tours as we walked the historical sight, learning about how the Revolutionary War began. 

As a kid and life long Massachusetts resident, I've always enjoyed going to this historical place. Not only for the interesting historical perspective, but because it is so peaceful and beautiful to walk through. And I'm so glad my kids enjoyed seeing it and learning bits about American history.

Field Trip: Animal Adventures in Bolton, MA

Yesterday morning, I got an email from Groupon for daily deals and it had an offer from Animal Adventures over in Bolton, MA. We've never been, but have seen a few birthday party and school shows featuring their animals so we decided to take a ride over in the afternoon and check out their facility.

At first when you drive in, it looks a bit small and almost like someone's house (and, come to find out, it was the owner's home at one point until he turned it into the facility it is now). We were greeted at the front walkway by a friendly guy who got us all checked in and told us about where to find the various animals that they had at the center. But first, he was going to do a wildlife show where the kids could learn more about some of the animals as well as pet them and ask questions. 

The live show was really quite interesting and featured a corn snake, skunk, ferret, chinchilla, bearded dragon and an alligator (with it's mouth securely taped!) We really enjoyed learning about the animals and about the Animal Adventures center (which is a rescue and rehab facility as well as a "zoo".) I had no idea just how many people actually adopt these "exotic pets" and then decide they are too much to care for or aren't interested in having them any longer. Evidently a lot of people just dump these creatures, leaving them to fend for themselves in an environment that is both dangerous and unnatural for the animal as well as surrounding humans. So luckily, that's where Animal Adventures steps in. Providing a caring and nurturing environment for these animals is their goal and it shows by how well cared for each of these animals is.

We spent the day there, walking in and out, around and about the entire facility about 15 times. My kids loved it! Seeing all of these animals up close and learning about them was a lot of fun and we already want to go back to visit!

If you are interested in visiting their website, click here.

Gwen Stefani's Number One Fan!

Last night was about the best night of my 8 year old's life. We got her tickets to the Gwen Stefani show at the Xfinity Center in Mansfield. And the show was everything she could have wanted and more! 

It's always so much fun to watch just how your kid grows into this incredible little person with likes and interests. This kid ADORES Gwen Stefani. Not just for her music, but because she's a tough chick that doesn't put up with a cheating husband, but bounces back with a fantastic album while dating a hot guy. My kid thinks Gwen Stefani is IT!

So last night we all packed into the car, including my visiting mother-in-law and went to the show. Excitement is an understatement as we entered the venue and I think once the ticket-takers got a visual of how much of a super fan Charlotte is, they upgraded us to closer seats, which pretty much sent her over the edge! She was even rocking the signature red lips like her idol.

As we sat there watching the show (while my poor husband walked the venue with my younger two looking for all sorts of candies, treats, concert tee-shirts and loot), I got suck a kick out of the huge smiles that were on both Charlotte and Grammy's faces. They had such a wonderful time, dancing and singing, screaming and yelling. Adorable can't even describe it. Just a fun thing to sit back and try to capture while it was going on. 

Not sure if the next concert will be able to top this one! And the huge hole in daddy's wallet is filled with happiness, joy, fun and excitement that will give my now 8 year old a childhood memory that will last a lifetime!