ArtSnacks Supply Box for March has Arrived!

My March ArtSnacks supply box just arrived and I'm like a little kid at Christmas time! It just makes my day when this little white box arrives in the mail with all sorts of art supply goodies that I typically wouldn't buy or haven't heard of yet! I signed up for their program about a year ago and have really enjoyed all the cool products that they've sent me. From pens, ink, and pencils to sketch pads, erasers and rulers, it's always such a fun treat to receive this little box of items that I have definitely been able to put to good use. And what's really cute about this service is that they send a little sweet treat in the box to enjoy (or for my kids to fight over) while playing with the new supplies.

This month ArtSnacks is celebrating their second birthday so they packed in a couple extra pieces into the loot. 

This month's ArtSnacks box contained some really fantastic items that I am really excited to start using!

Some really cool and useful items this month, like: ProArt Chamois Cloth, Pentalic Soft Pastels (White), Cont√© Pierre Noir Sketching Pencil, Art & Graphic Twin by Zig (blue), Aquatowel, and an ArtSnacks iron-on patch. 

Have you checked out ArtSnacks? If you haven't, you definitely should! It's such a fun little monthly gift to yourself!

Easy DIY Chore Chart for Kids

I've been trying to motivate my daughters to start helping out around the house with some simple tasks that will not only teach them responsibility, but will also help them earn some money for those much coveted trips to the Target toy department. We've tried making lists, check lists and just plain asking but nothing seems to stick to make them want to keep up with it.

So I started tooling around Pinterest, the mother of all awesome idea websites. And I found a little project that I thought might just do the trick. It looked easy enough to do, so I ran over to Walmart, grabbed a few cheap supplies (some acrylic paint, magnets, a pizza pan and Mod Podge) and got these done in about an hour or so. Not bad! For the magnets, I just painted some cardboard from an old notebook back, cut it up into squares, attached the magnets with hot glue and then wrote out each chore.

And when the girls woke up this morning, the paint was all dry and ready to hang on their walls to start using. Both of my daughters were very excited to have their very own Chore Chart that they can use to keep track of what they need to help with daily. And at the end of the week, they'll get some cha-ching for their little piggy banks! It's a win-win for all of us! 

Spring Can't Come Soon Enough

It's official... I'm in the winter doldrums. I am so sick of the cold weather and snow it's just not even funny anymore. There's like 5 feet of snow in my yard (and about 8 ft. high snow banks all the way up and down my street). And guess what? It's snowing again outside as I type this. Seriously. I don't think us New Englanders can really take much more! Even my little kids don't want to play outside in the snow anymore. "Mom, this isn't fun anymore," is their reaction when I ask if they want to go outside and play. 

Point taken, kids.

Since it's March 1st, and the Spring season is supposed to begin in a couple of weeks, I am constantly drawn to more florally images in my art work recently. Doodling, painting, sketching flowers, flowers and more flowers. I guess it's wishful thinking because there's nothing to see outside but dirty winter snow piled up high.

This afternoon I decided to get out the Twinkling H2O watercolors and start doodling and playing around with scraps of watercolor paper. Bright teals, purples, pinks, reds and oranges were on today's color palette. Liven and spice up my art journal with color! And painting with the Twinks is like painting with light. The shimmer and shine these little pots of fabulousness give off once they're dry is just gorgeous! I've been taking an online adventure with the fantastically creative Joanne Sharpe who is such an inspiration with her wonderful creativity. She has really taught me so many wonderful lessons and techniques during her online courses. I can honestly say that I refer time and time again to my previous art journals created in her classes as inspiration to work on some of my new art and projects. 

I'm now feeling a bit enlightened by this quickie little project in my art journal because it's given me a boost in my creativity and motivated me to start painting more colorful pieces now that the countdown is on for this God-forsaken winter to be over once and for all!