What a Snowfall! First Major Storm of the Season!

Compared to our record snow fall last year, this year has been utterly miniscule... until yesterday. We finally got snow. And I don't mean that in a "I love snow and I couldn't wait for it to get here" sorta way. I actually don't like snow that much. It's cold, dangerous to drive in, and ugly when it's dirty on the roadside. But I think I'm on burn out mode from last year still when we received over 100" of snow and it was EVERYWHERE.

Last year, I think we had about 10 school cancellations and snow so high that we couldn't even figure out where to put it when more came. Seriously. It was just TOO much. Even my husband thought so... and he's from Buffalo, NY. The freakin' snow capital of the universe!

But yesterday, I'll admit, was nice. Everything got cancelled, hubby worked from home and we enjoyed a good old fashioned-hunkered-down-in-the-snow day. And it's pretty. So I thought I'd share some photos of what it looks like outside of my house.

An Art Collaboration with My 6 Year Old

Every year for the past three years I have participated in Willowing.org's LifeBook course. It's a year long course in art techniques and projects with fabulous teachers and wonderfully creative projects. I absolutely enjoy every moment of it!

During the course of the year, new projects are introduced weekly. Of course, I tend to fall behind with other things that tend to grab my attention, such as my family, kids, etc. so I often times skip a few lessons here and there. No big deal. And once in a while a lesson just doesn't interest me. It's not my style, or I don't have the supplies so I just don't do it. Again, no big deal. 

I truly love this course because it offers you the flexibility to work at your own pace and do it as you can, not under any time constraints.

At this point, in early February, I'm about 2 weeks behind. I do the lessons when I can and take my time on them. The lesson that I just worked on was from Annie Hamman and she challenged the students to create a page in a very unusual way: with a young child. She showed video of how she and her little girl (probably about 3 years old) created a painting together by taking turns. And it was FABULOUS! Not only was it fascinating to watch them work off each other, but Annie was challenged to work around what her daughter put on the page, completely unplanned and uninhibited, as most kids are.

So I was inspired. I waited for my 6 year old to come home from school and we watched the video again together. She was chomping at the bit to start! And so it went: my turn, her turn, my turn, her turn, etc.

A fabulously fun exercise that really forced my "planning every detail phobia" out the window and work with what Gracie put down on the paper in her round. The result?

Tons of laughs, lots of smiles and a journal page that I will look back on as one of my all time favorites because I shared the experience with my kiddo!

Take a look: