Best of... My Favorite Gelli Arts® YouTube Videos

Happy Friday!! So glad the week is over and the weekend is about to kick off! What are your creative plans? I've got to get my act together to start making new art for the big country fair next month. I've got plenty of stuff, but always like to make more so customers have PLENTY to choose from! Ideas are just flowing from my fingertips!

Today I was browsing through YouTube and I thought, "why not make a little compilation of my favorite Gelli Plate You Tube videos?" So here you go! I'm DEFINITELY going to try out all of these techniques!

Have a fabulously creative weekend!

Dear Mom, You're Fired!

I'm sitting outside right now watching and listening to my little crazies splash around in their kiddie pool. School is back in session in a short 3 weeks and I'm starting to freak out a little bit. They're leaving me. For the whole day. Every day. All of them.

Friends and family think I'm nuts.

"Just enjoy it," say most of them.

"You can finally do what you want to do," they say.

Well, being here with them is exactly what I want to be doing! They're growing up so fast I can hardly stand it! 

So I'll make a prediction now. The week that school starts, I'll be devastated. Bring on the tissues (my poor husband). Then slowly I'll start getting into a new routine and figuring out things to keep me busy while they're at school. I mean, there's PLENTY to do (hmmmm like the typical cleaning, vacuuming, laundry, etc.), just need to find the motivation to do it! 

I think the hardest part of them all being away from me for the day is that I feel like I'm out of a job. Like I've been fired! Pink-slipped! Given my walking papers! Or, as a bunch of my friends from long ago used to say, "I'm getting Shemped." 

It'll be fine. I know. I've just got to get myself a list of projects that I want to complete, like this online art class I've been working on. Im determined to finish it! Now there are no more excuses of not having any time. I'll have plenty.  

Except when I've got to take care of these special needs doggies I've got. I'm sure they'll keep me on my toes too, with diaper changes, walks, geriatric care and medication!  



The Making of a Watercolor Doodle Accordion Book

Today I made it my mission to get out all my various watercolor pans, liquids and pens and doodle up a pretty little accordion booklet for a friend. I wanted to make something bright, colorful, happy and full of personality to send to this friend to give her a happy mail surprise and hopefully bring a smile to her face.

So I started with a 9" x 12" watercolor sheet, cut it in half and folded it in an accordion style. I started just laying down different colors, watched them dance and play across each section. I love seeing how the colors interact with each other when they're placed together in a small area. It's fun to watch the magic happen right before my eyes!

All in all, this project took me a few hours to complete, after I doodled the shit out of each page! I was able to just sit outside with my kids splashing in the pool and doodle with a white Signo pen on each page. I also broke out some of my little text rub ons to put on each page, for something a little different. Truth be told: I totally forgot I even had those little rub ons until I saw them in my stash cabinet! Win!

Hope you enjoy what I did here. I'm thinking I might make a video of my process at some point once school is back in session and I don't have an audience!

A Walk Around in My Summer Gardens

We've been enjoying a lot of outside time this summer. Splashing around in the pool is about the greatest past time these kids have these days, and I love how our "old fashioned" summer is going! It's so nice to be able to just stay home, chill out, enjoy each other's company and not have to be "go go go" constantly. 

It's nice to be able to sit outside with the family, look at the pretty flowers, listen to the birdies singing and just be able to enjoy each other's company! At one point over the weekend, I decided I needed some inspiration for my art journal. So I got up to walk around my yard. I forgot how many pretty flowers we've got growing around here, so I thought I'd share some pics:

Lots and lots of different shapes and colors in both my yard and my flower boxes that totally gave me inspiration to doodle and draw some pretty things in my sketchbook. Wanna see? Check it out:

I'm really into watercolors these days so both of these pages are using a couple different watercolor sets. I'm loving the vibrancy and contrast of all the colors and learning as I go, how the watercolor acts with other colors and with various techniques. That's what my art journal is for: to play, frolic and have fun seeing what happens with each of the elements that I put on the page. Not to care about what the final outcome is. Not to look for perfection. But to just let go and enjoy "arting" with various supplies!