Harvard Apple Blossom Festival and Ducky Wucky Race THIS WEEKEND!

It's that time of year again! I'll be setting up my art-filled booth at this years Harvard Apple Blossom Festival on Saturday, May 7th from 10-3.

Last year was my first time and it was a lot of fun, with all the different food vendors, family activities, crafters and tons and tons of Mother's Day gift ideas.

Here's what my booth looked like last year! This year I have more items and fun pieces that your mom will adore for Mother's Day. So stop by and check it out! Would love to see you!

We Are Now the Proud Owners of...

... a 3-legged frog. Yup, you read that right. We just adopted a 3-legged frog from Petsmart.

So yesterday we were taking one of our pugs to the Banfield Pet Hospital at our local Petsmart for a quickie visit. While we were waiting, we walked around the store a bit to kill some time. My 3 kids love looking at all the animals, birds, fish, etc. It's like a free zoo!

We end up at the fish tank area because my 6 year old is in the market for a new beta fish since hers went belly up a few days ago. It's always sad to lose a pet, even a fish, and she loves her fish so we needed to find a nice new one. I thought maybe she might rather have a little mini African Dwarf frog instead since they're adorable, active and fun to watch. When my hubs and I were dating, we had a couple, all named Freddy, of course!

Yet, I couldn't get her to commit. She refused to transition from a beta to a frog. Oh well, I tried, right?

Wrong! As we're walking away, my 7 year old daughter yells, "Mom! Come back! There's a frog in here with only one front leg! Mom! We need to give him a home! Mom! The poor thing! He'll never get adopted if we don't adopt him! Mom! Mom! Pleeeeeeeeease!!!"

What was I going to do? My oldest daughter has a heart of gold and worries constantly about pretty much everything. So when I took a look at her face with this pitiful look in her eyes because she felt such empathy for this little froggy creature, I couldn't say no to her. So we went over to the fish department associate, explained which one we wanted and she patiently tried to look through the entire tank of frogs until she found our 3 legged little guy.

Adorably enough, once we got to the checkout, the girl at the register looked into the plastic bag and joyfully exclaimed, "You got the one with 3 legs! I'm so happy that you're going to give him a nice home because I was heartbroken when I saw him in the tank this morning!"

And now, we've got a menagerie. Three pugs, three beta fish and one 3-legged African Dwarf Frog. Now for a name...