Week 15 of 2014 is practically gone already!?!?! YIKES! This year is flying by! Hard to believe it… but so glad that winter is over (finally) and we can start enjoying some warmer weather up here in the Northeast. I’m really looking forward to de-winterizing my yard so I can start planting some pretty flowers to liven up the place!

My favorite color scheme for flowers is monochromatic purples. I just love how it looks. A few years I’ve deviated from that palette and it looked okay, but not what I really love: purple! So this year, I’ve decided I’ll be going with that fav color palette of mine again with all of the flowers that I’ll be planting.

So when I saw this week’s challenge of creating my pages using a monochromatic color scheme, it was a no brainer that I went with my go-to color. Purple, purple and…

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Holy smokes. I am IN LOVE with this past week’s lesson by Tam. Creating “Quirky Animals” is quickly becoming a complete obsession among all the artists in my house! I had THE BEST time working on this project and am absolutely LOVING the fun and whimsical results of these imaginary little cutie pies!

While watching this lesson during the beginning of last week, my 5 year old daughter was interested to see what I was watching. As she watched Tam draw out the little creatures, she quickly ran over, grabbed her little sketch pad and began drawing some of her own. And all week long, she’s come home from school with little drawings that she’s done of cute and whimsical creatures, mostly zebras. So not only did Tam inspire me, but Charlotte as well!

I can’t say any of these particular animals reflect anything about my personality or inner being,…

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Each month, I receive a few new art supplies courtesy of the company ArtSnacks. For $20/month, you can get a subscription to this program and they’ll send you several new art supplies to add to your stash. Who doesn’t LOVE new art supplies? I’ve been doing this for 2 months and have already received some pretty cool items that I can’t wait to put to good use!

Watch me open up the April box!

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I’m feeling “spring-y” this month since it finally seems like winter is behind us! Yay! And the flowers should be starting to bud soon (hopefully). That put me in the mood to make some colorful blooms for this month’s Happy Art Swap with Sandie over at Sandra Kaye Designs.

I started off with just organic lines in bright acrylic paints. Swooshed the paints this way and that! Then started to doodle away!

Lots of dots, lines, swirls, doodles!

And plenty of bright and vibrant colors to make each bloom pop!

After each was dry, I penciled in my bloom and then outlined with a black pen to really make them stand out against the white wash background that I put on as the last step.

Happy Spring! Let’s hope that this is only the beginning of a nice and warm season (because after…

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Who doesn’t LOVE Dyan Reaveley? She’s super awesome, fun and ridiculously creative! This week in LifeBook 2014, she taught a quickie bonus lesson on creating a Spring collage.

What a fun time and super easy to do while I watched 3 of my favorite shows: Survivor, Modern Family and Hell’s Kitchen. I love being able to multi-task like that!

The only thing I sort of struggled with was the beginning journaling part. I’m not much of a “touchy feely” artist and I seriously don’t have much drama or other negative stuff to write about or get out of my head. So I simply did as Dyan suggested and just wrote simple stuff about sitting at my desk. Nothing earth shattering or secret revealing. Mostly about losing my damn phone in the house (and my awesome hubby found it!) and having some issues with my iTunes account. Yeah, really deep, I…

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