Mixed media Valentine Hearts are finished and up in my Etsy Shop and my TheCraftStar shop!

They’re adorable little Valentine trinkets that would make a wonderful gift for a teacher, neighbor or even your niece who is away at college that needs a Valentine’s Day care package!

Valentine’s Day… it’s coming. Totally sneaks up on you after the big holidays are in the rear-view mirror. I totally don’t even think about Valentine’s Day until it’s about February 13th!

As I was walking through the shop where I sell some of my art, I began noticing that some of the other sellers had their booths all decked out in red, pink and white. Whoa! That sneaky little holiday! So I decided to get back to my studio ASAP and start coming up with some little Valentine goodies for my shop.

I’m not one…

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Mixed Media Art Projects in my Dyan Reaveley Journal.

It’s been a busy week and I woke up early this morning so that I could work on my mixed media art journal spread for The Documented Life Project: The Journal. Week 2 already and the prompt was “gesso” as well as using the quote by Mary Shelley: “The beginning is always today.”

I had started prepping these pages yesterday while two of my littles were taking an afternoon rest. Figured I’d finish it up either late last night or early this morning. And that’s exactly what I did!

Having an mixed media art journal with given prompts every week is fun. I’ve never actually made an entire art journal out of prompts until now (not counting last year’s Documented Life Planner). So I’m really looking forward to working on this mixed media art project this year….

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Whew! 2014 is really over? Yikes that went by fast. Hard to believe it’s over!

It’s been quite a busy art year for me and I’ve loved every moment that I’ve been able to spend on my many projects. The two biggies this past year have been The Documented Life project and Life Book 2014. Each have been a wonderful learning experience as well as an opportunity to stretch my creative wings and experiment with new techniques that I’ve never tried previously.

In fact, I’ve re-signed up for both of these exciting and creative projects for 2015 and am really looking forward to starting them!


My 2014 Moleskine planner started out as a skinny little book with just black and white pages. Now, I can’t even close it! And I love that! It’s thick and chunky and full of fun and delicious color…

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It’s been busy here getting custom orders created as well as shipping out items from my Etsy shop! I love being busy! This past week, hand painted wooden signs have been the hot item headed out my studio door. I created these 3 personalized signs for a good friend. Aren’t they darling? Elf feet!

Check out my Glimmerbug Art Gift Shop on Etsy!

The great thing about these little wooden signs is that they’re recycled from the boards that my daughters use as “board breaking” practice in their taekwondo class. I’ve got so many of these pine boards in my house, I figure I should reuse them for something fabulous rather than for just the recycle bin or wood kindling! They’re all different sizes and I love the “wonky” nature of the edges. I’ve sanded them down so they’re nice and smooth.

What a wonderful and…

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It’s been a busy month so far! I love having plenty to do and keep me busy. But sometimes it can get a little overwhelming to try and remember every little thing I’m supposed to be doing. For example, I nearly forgot about my monthly card swap cards for the #haswap Happy Art Swap! Whoops! Good thing I remembered because I love sending and in turn receiving special cards monthly in the mail from my fellow artists!

This month I wanted to try and use what I already had on my art table from previous projects. So I gathered up my paper, spray inks, embossing powder, and the little cut out sayings that were floating around my table and got to work. Here’s what I came up with:

I also needed to create some cards for the teachers at my daughter’s preschool….

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