I’ve been faithfully keeping up with creating my Happy Mail Art every single month (although time has totally gotten away from me and I haven’t posted anything lately!)

This monthly mail art group is such a joy and so much fun to create in because there’s such a limited amount of “rules” to go by. Just size restricted to 5×7 and providing your own SASE. Easy peasey!

My most recent art crush is Tascha Parkinson because of the fabulous characters that she develops in each of her paintings. She creates such gorgeous little girls and animals that I find myself smiling whenever I see one of her paintings. I’ve recently just finished taking a few of her online courses and can’t wait to get more practiced in her style of painting and drawing. Just LOVE her work.

So for this month’s Happy Mail Art,

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Another hand-painted table is available in the shop today, created in the fabulous Mackenzie Childs style that I am just crazy about! This time, a side table with plenty of whimsy and color (who wouldn’t want to look at birdies in party hats!) Green, red, blue, purple and blue are the main colors and it’s finished off with a coat of high gloss lacquer so it’s easily wiped off!

A perfect addition to any home looking for a pop of color in a room!

Check out the shop here for this and other whimsically fabulous items!

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The other day, I received the most ridiculously awesome catalog I’ve ever seen: Mackenzie Childs. Have you ever seen their stuff? I hadn’t until last week and I’ll admit right this second that I am completely obsessed with their stuff now. It was like being a 5 year old child again and having the Sears Wishbook catalog show up at the door. Back in those days, I would sit for hours, pouring over every single page, tagging the corners and making notes of the items that I just had to have from Santa. Well, this is a completely similar experience. I keep finding myself picking up this catalog and looking through it, marking the pages (which is pretty much every single one!) of things that I just absolutely love.) The whimsy, the color, the uniqueness of their items. Wow! Just totally wow! I am obsessed now and want my whole house…

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This swap project is just so much fun I look forward to getting the mail each day to see who sent me a card to work on!

Yesterday it was Terry Owenby with an adorable vintage tricycle stamp. So I got right to work on it last night after I put my cherubs to bed… and here’s what I came up with:

I apologize for the fuzziness of these… my iPhone camera is shot and I’m too cheap to go get it fixed! Since I’m due for an upgrade in a month, I figure I’ll just wait it out til I can get a new one for free!


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I’m knee deep in this fabulous “one image postcard swap” being held by some of my artist friends and it’s been such a blast! OMG… we each stamped a postcard with one small rubber stamp. Then sent it out to our group members whose job it was to make something with the stamped card and send it back to the original sender. Talk about fun… and every single one has been totally different!

I just finished 3 this weekend that I sent out this morning to my friends Belinda, Diane and Tammar. What a great time making these! I just hope they like what I’ve worked up using their stamps.


This stamp was of a very light moon with some clouds surrounding it. Sunset on a far away beach is what immediately came to mind when I saw it.


Swirls in the water and in…

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