It’s been a very, very busy couple of weeks in my art studio, trying to plan and prepare items for the upcoming holidays. I’ve never been one to love the early holiday decorations (like Christmas stuff being available in August) but as I learn more about the retail beast, I realize that I’d better change my tune a bit when it comes to gearing up for holidays. Planning and executing are definitely what will make or break a holiday season of selling.

Since I’m not big into craft fairs this year (maybe in the future, who knows!) I’ve been keeping my items all set up at the local antiques/consignment/gift shop in my downtown of Lunenburg, MA. Cornerstone is such a friendly and nice environment to have my art pieces in, that I just love to go in and visit (and of course, poke around some of their fabulous…

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I’m totally on a roll with this whole “Teesha Moore Inspired Glue Book Zetti” round robin that I’m taking part in with my art sweeties over in April Cole’s “The Studio” on Facebook. We’re having a ball swapping glue books and creating pages for each other in the Zetti style like Teesha Moore is so fabulously known for.

So this month for my Happy Mail Art group with Sandra Kaye, I wanted to keep with the theme of Zetti and create my cards in this style. I’m happy with how quirky, strange, weird, colorful, happy and funky they turned out! And I really hope that my art friends enjoy these when they arrive in their mailboxes at the end of the month!

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Woooooo hooooo!!!! My favorite monthly package just arrived in the mail! My monthly Art Snacks subscription is always filled with such fun items that I typically would never buy for myself so it’s certainly a treat to see that little white box show up with a bundle of goodies!

This month, the Art Snacks box was filled with some fabulous things! Here’s what we’ve got:

Clearprint Paper Set Zig Mangaka Cartoonist Flexible Marker Kum Correc-Stick Eraser Kimberly Drawing Pencil by General Pencil Windsor Newton Water Color Brush Marker


It’ll be fun noodling around with these items when I get a spare second… this back to school thing has got me in a whirl with so much going on! Once things settle down a tad, I’ll be sure to try out these little gems from my new stash!

Thanks #ArtSnacks!

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Such a lovely grouping of cards this month! I love each and every one because of their textures, colors, patterns and positive messages. A beautiful addition to my collection of Happy Mail Art cards that I keep next to our living room couch for perusal.

I love getting such a stunning array of cards every month from my artist friend’s. It makes me (and others I’m sure!) happy to open up the mail box and receive such a lovely group of art!

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