This swap project is just so much fun I look forward to getting the mail each day to see who sent me a card to work on!

Yesterday it was Terry Owenby with an adorable vintage tricycle stamp. So I got right to work on it last night after I put my cherubs to bed… and here’s what I came up with:

I apologize for the fuzziness of these… my iPhone camera is shot and I’m too cheap to go get it fixed! Since I’m due for an upgrade in a month, I figure I’ll just wait it out til I can get a new one for free!


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I’m knee deep in this fabulous “one image postcard swap” being held by some of my artist friends and it’s been such a blast! OMG… we each stamped a postcard with one small rubber stamp. Then sent it out to our group members whose job it was to make something with the stamped card and send it back to the original sender. Talk about fun… and every single one has been totally different!

I just finished 3 this weekend that I sent out this morning to my friends Belinda, Diane and Tammar. What a great time making these! I just hope they like what I’ve worked up using their stamps.


This stamp was of a very light moon with some clouds surrounding it. Sunset on a far away beach is what immediately came to mind when I saw it.


Swirls in the water and in…

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This month, I’m participating in a “One Image Postcard Swap” with some of my art friends. The rules are simple. Use a rubber stamp on a postcard sized piece of substrate and circulate it to all the people in your assigned group. They in turn, decorate the postcard with your stamped image and send it back to you. Great idea, right! YES!

I have this adorable teeny tiny little birdie stamp that I wanted to use for my cards (because, let’s face it, I’m totally obsessed with birds). I stamped and sent my cards off to my teammates last week. Today, I got my first one back from the ever fabulous Diane Rank. SOOOOO EXCITED!!! Take a look at what she did with my little birdie!

Now it’s my turn to work on the stamped image that Diane sent to me. I can’t wait to get…

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It’s been eons since I’ve last posted anything… life has gotten pretty busy around here these days. From end of school projects, parties and teacher stuff to weddings, vacations, visiting relatives and hubby’s broken ankle last week, it’s been like a whirlwind! I’m finally starting to get control of everything! Whew!

Art has sorta taken a backseat as several other projects have been taking up my time. But that’s okay… I know it’ll always be there for me when I get to it.

This past weekend I wanted to just work on something mindlessly. No plan. No specific idea of what I wanted to do. Just to create. So that’s what I did. I grabbed my watercolors, some rubber stamps and washi tape and just started to play around to see what I could come up with. I love having a session where there’s no immediate…

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A fun week of challenges again, thanks to Tammy over at Daisy Yellow! This week’s prompts were:

Mandala Alphabet Book Review Magenta The Beatles Paisley Toy Camera

I always have such a fun time creating for this challenge because it’s easy and quick. Plus, at the end of the 2 months, I’ve got a handful of little cards that serve as inspiration throughout the entire year!

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