The Making of a Watercolor Doodle Accordion Book

Today I made it my mission to get out all my various watercolor pans, liquids and pens and doodle up a pretty little accordion booklet for a friend. I wanted to make something bright, colorful, happy and full of personality to send to this friend to give her a happy mail surprise and hopefully bring a smile to her face.

So I started with a 9" x 12" watercolor sheet, cut it in half and folded it in an accordion style. I started just laying down different colors, watched them dance and play across each section. I love seeing how the colors interact with each other when they're placed together in a small area. It's fun to watch the magic happen right before my eyes!

All in all, this project took me a few hours to complete, after I doodled the shit out of each page! I was able to just sit outside with my kids splashing in the pool and doodle with a white Signo pen on each page. I also broke out some of my little text rub ons to put on each page, for something a little different. Truth be told: I totally forgot I even had those little rub ons until I saw them in my stash cabinet! Win!

Hope you enjoy what I did here. I'm thinking I might make a video of my process at some point once school is back in session and I don't have an audience!