Dear Mom, You're Fired!

I'm sitting outside right now watching and listening to my little crazies splash around in their kiddie pool. School is back in session in a short 3 weeks and I'm starting to freak out a little bit. They're leaving me. For the whole day. Every day. All of them.

Friends and family think I'm nuts.

"Just enjoy it," say most of them.

"You can finally do what you want to do," they say.

Well, being here with them is exactly what I want to be doing! They're growing up so fast I can hardly stand it! 

So I'll make a prediction now. The week that school starts, I'll be devastated. Bring on the tissues (my poor husband). Then slowly I'll start getting into a new routine and figuring out things to keep me busy while they're at school. I mean, there's PLENTY to do (hmmmm like the typical cleaning, vacuuming, laundry, etc.), just need to find the motivation to do it! 

I think the hardest part of them all being away from me for the day is that I feel like I'm out of a job. Like I've been fired! Pink-slipped! Given my walking papers! Or, as a bunch of my friends from long ago used to say, "I'm getting Shemped." 

It'll be fine. I know. I've just got to get myself a list of projects that I want to complete, like this online art class I've been working on. Im determined to finish it! Now there are no more excuses of not having any time. I'll have plenty.  

Except when I've got to take care of these special needs doggies I've got. I'm sure they'll keep me on my toes too, with diaper changes, walks, geriatric care and medication!