Artist Trading Coin ATC Blanks, Set of 12

$ 10.00

Are you part of the Artist Trading Coin phenomenon that's hit the scene? I totally am and love creating these small little unique works of art to trade with friends or send in happy mail. They're so fun to make and each one is so different than the next, I find myself creating them by the handful!

Because I love the actual "making" of each coin, I decided I'd offer up sets of pre-punched coins so you don't have to make them yourself! You can order these pre-cut 2.5" cardboard coins and then start beautifying them right away! Takes away the tedious part of making the coin base yourself!

These 2.5" cardboard bases for Artist Trading Coins are the perfect start for you to being making your own. Each set comes with 12 coins that you can cover with paint, marker, collage, mixed media and anything else you can dream up! I use these bases for all of my ATCs (they're made from recycled cardboard from packaging so we're doing our part to recycle and reuse!). The possibilities are endless! 

I've also go some Artist Trading Coin backs that are downloadable for you so you can sign and personalize each of your creations. Click here to see them!