Welcome to the Fairy Garden

Hello!! Happy Friday! 

Such warm weather is headed our way this weekend that I'm sure we'll all be outdoors playing and working on the yard at the new homestead. Lots to learn about all the new plants and bushes that we now own. It's exciting (and a little daunting) to learn how to care for all of these fabulous trees and flora. But we are up for the challenge!

While I was out walking the backyard this morning with my pups, I took a look over at the base of one of the fruit trees in the back. My kids have constructed quite a fairy garden using the pieces we had from our previous house to make a wonderland of cuteness. So I snapped a few pics to share.

Hope you enjoy! Have a great weekend!

Fairy Garden at the New House 1

Fairy Garden at the New House 2

Fairy Garden 3 at the New House

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