Watercolor Painting Practice: A Tiny Painting of My 3 Favorite Nieces

Yesterday I wanted to practice some watercolor painting so I decided to take out my Jane Davenport petite palettes and have a go at watercoloring my 3 beautiful nieces. 

This past year has had quite a few milestones in each of their lives. One is turning 21, one turned 18 and is college bound (too far away, if you ask me!) and the baby, who just turned 16 is getting her driver's license. It's gone by too quickly and I can't believe how perfect they've all turned out. Love them all more than anything!

So off we go on a little process video of my painting so you can see how it turned out. I love it and it's now in a frame in my room so I can look at them everyday!

Here are a few photos of the finished watercolor painting:

Watercolor Painting of Sisters

Watercolor Painting of Sisters

 Hope you have a great day!


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