Turning Old Papers from your Stash into Fabulous Paper Flowers

Paper flowers made from scrap pieces of paper from my mixed media stash

If you've got a lot of extra papers in your art studio from previous projects, then read on! I know I'm a paper hoarder. I've got a huge box of extra clippings, old envelopes, magazine pages, wrapping paper, scrapbook papers and maps that are filling up a huge box in my art studio. Every time I create with paper, I have bits left over that I often can't bear to part with. I say to myself, "I'll be able to use that on something..." and then into the box it goes, only to sit there until it gets chosen (if it gets chosen) to use in a future art project.

scrap box full of old papers, envelopes, wrapping papers and more in my art studio

So I got to thinking... "what the hell can I do with this HUGE box of papers?"

The answer?! Watch a bunch of videos on YouTube and Pinterest a search for using up scraps from your stash. The end result is that I found a bunch of videos to make paper flowers out of scrap papers that you can use for journals, gifts, tags, cards and pretty much anything you can dream up!

Here's the video tutorial of how I created these paper flowers thanks to Pinterest and YouTuber inspiration. And the final result for my paper stash? Well, I'm happy to report that I have been able to cut and create so many little flowers (it's a great thing to do while mindlessly watching the TV) that I have totally emptied out an ENTIRE box of excess scraps that were just cluttering up my studio earlier this week. Now I've got some really cute additions to put on cards, gift bags, tags, and journals with a whole lot less of "stuff" over in the corner of my studio! Win win!

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