How To Create a Mixed Media Christmas Holiday Planner from a Few Simple Supplies!

How To Create a Mixed Media Christmas Holiday Planner from a Few Simple Supplies!

I'm always a hot mess when it comes to getting my holiday plans in order. From kids parties and events to family parties and gift giving, I always feel completely disorganized and not at all ready once the holidays begin. 

Each year, with the best intentions, I start my shopping early to avoid crowds and stress. But a lot of the time, as Christmas draws near, I forget somebody or can't remember what I purchased for someone else. I'veused apps on my phone each year and, while some of them are decent, I either tend to forget to upload the stuff OR (more commonly) I spend an unnecessary amount of time on said app taking photos of whatever I purchased. Well, this year I'm making a change!

I went out last week and started my shopping. Got home and decided I was going to make a "Holiday Command Center" out of a file folder, some holiday paper scraps and a few other materials that I had in my stash. 

The result was this fun little 4 pocket planner that fits perfectly in my purse and I can bring it out while I'm shopping to write down ideas or items that I purchase so I don't get all flustered after the fact! It's turning out to be a great little addition to my Christmas shopping process and I'm really happy with the way it turned out.

Using various types of mixed media materials, such as paint, paper, washi tape, rubber stamps, pen, pencil and ribbon, I created this pocket planner in about an hour or so with what I had in my stash.

If you decide you want to do this too, share how yours turned out! I'd love to see!