Show and Share: Miniature Art Matchbooks

Creating fun mixed media projects is a favorite thing of mine to do. I enjoy participating in several Facebook Art groups that host all sorts of swaps. The most recent swap I am participating in is a swap where we are to create our own "matchbooks" filled with miniature pieces of art that we send to several partners within our group.

This project was a blast! I'd never made a matchbook before so I had to do some research as to what sort of measurements and dimensions I needed to create such a piece. So I got to work making my first one and after it was finished, I was hooked! 

Each of these matchbooks holds 3 tiny pieces of artwork for the recipient. As you can see, I love bright colors and whimsical design, so my miniature paintings follow that design style. Each has a Gelli-printed background (thanks to my Gelli inspiring friend Kate Crane!) and then is finished with a watercolored image, such as a little village house, heart or butterfly. Because I enjoy doodling and drawing quirky images, these little paintings are full of my personality and style. 

If you're interested in checking out the video showing these little matchbook minis in greater detail, head on over to my YouTube channel by clicking here.

Want to check out the video of these mini matchbooks? Here you go:

Thanks for checking in! Have a great day!

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  • Awesome! These are beautiful. I hope you aren’t disappointed with the one I’m sending you. You are always such an inspiration.


  • So cute! Your books turned out adorably!


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