On My Mixed Media Art Desk

Hey there!

I've been busy creating like crazy over here getting ready for my biggest in-person event of the year: The Stillman Community Country Fair, located in my beautiful little home town of Lunenburg, MA. It's a fun event with tons of vendors and artisans, as well as food, live music, face painting, and contests. And best of all, it's free to go to!

Each year my booth is filled with all sorts of colorful art, handmade gifts and eye-catching and colorful trinkets. All of my art is made by yours truly and is a unique and pretty addition to your home or as a gift. I love how busy my booth gets at this fair with all the locals (and travelers too) that enjoy the colorful and vibrant paintings, gifts and decor pieces. It's always fun to meet all the folks at this fair.

Today I'm working on birdhouses that are hand painted and one-of-a-kind. Right now my favorite thing that I'm working on is the style that is similar to that of Lilly Pulitzer. The darker background and colorful bursts of flowers loosely outlined with black make each piece not only unique but really fun to work on!Hand Painted Lilly Pulitzer Inspired Birdhouse

I've got a great collection of colors that I'm using on these pieces and love how smooth this acrylic paint is to use. I got these at Target in their craft department and I'm loving the quality. If you're looking to try them out, do it! Here's a link so you can check them out online: https://www.target.com/p/hand-made-modern-2oz-satin-acrylic-paint/-/A-17346462?preselect=51207387#lnk=sametab

And one of the best things about using all these colors, is the under paper that is ready for me to use on other projects when I'm done with this sort of project. These abstract and random paper pieces are fun to add to collages, cards and mixed media pieces.

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