On My Desk: November Calendar Art Swap

Each month in one of my favorite online art groups, a bunch of us make each other a monthly calendar to swap. It's a fun little project that doesn't take much time at all. And, I know when I receive mine, I'm so excited to have another unique piece of art to look at for the month.

For the November swap, I wanted to do something not typical of what most November calendars show. Generally, it's leaves, harvest, pumpkins, Thanksgiving and that sorta thing. It got me thinking about what I love about November. My favorite thing: the Macy's day parade. It'd be a dream come true to one day see it in person, with all the balloons and floats. How I'd LOVE to do that!!

So my November calendar shows these cute little rubber stamp girls on a shopping spree in the city. Maybe they've just come from Macy's or 5th Avenue! These rubber stamps are from the "Girls Will Be Girls" collection by Cathy Michaels (click here to buy). I love her whimsical and fun girls and adore these stamps! I purchased all of them when they came out and my daughters and I love to stamp and color in the different outfits. They use them as paper dolls and on little cards and decorations for their dollhouses. Mixed media watercolor city skyline calendar for November

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