Monthly Mail Call: June

July already and thank God for that. What a shitty June I had, let me tell you. My dad ended up getting really sick and dying at the end of the month which made for some pretty stressful and tearful days that I'm hoping are becoming less and less as time goes by. We're thankful to have my 82 year old mother living with us and enjoying all the craziness and constant moving that goes on in our house during the day. She's having a ball going out to eat, attending softball games, playing lots of board games and being the center of everyone's attention. Plus, with all the end of the year stuff with the kids schools, I was up to my eyeballs with work stuff and paintings, commissions and art pieces that sold and needed to be sent out! Plus, my oldest "baby" just turned 10 and we got her a new 8 week old pug puppy, so we are knee deep in love and house breaking with sweet little Rosemary! Now I'm just trying to get my bearings again and get into a new groove with all the changes that have bombarded our lives over the last month.

So my apologies to all of my art friends that I haven't had a chance to post these beautiful pieces of work until now. They've been sitting on my desk just begging to be opened! Let's get started:

ATKoins (Artist Trading Koins) by Maria. Aren't they adorable? We are all ADDICTED to doing these as of late and are having a ball trading them back and forth and creating new ones based on different themes.

Beach House for our mixed media village house swap that we do every so often. (Top: Terry; Middle: Sherry; Bottom: Charlotte)

Scrap Monster Swap was so much fun to do and my daughters and son are also having a good time this summer going through my old papers and creating these little cute quirky monsters! (Left: Terry; Right: Louise)

Our friendship journals are still circulating and new pages are arriving! This beauty was done by Chris and is adorable!

"What the heck is an 'ism?" swap just finished for the theme "Cubism" and my art girls did not disappoint! Look at these awesome cubism inspired pieces!

(Top Left: Lesley; Top Right: Jackie; Bottom: Lynne)

That about wraps up all the wonderfully awesome and creative pieces I've received in June! It's a joy to swap art with all these fabulous people and we've got a lot more great swaps coming up that I can't wait to get started on!

Have a great day!


Kathy Mcintire

Kathy Mcintire said:

Such wonderful art mail !!!
I’ve missed SO much !!
Love love love the little beach houses <3
☮️ peace <3

Lynne Foerster

Lynne Foerster said:

With the busy, sad, crazy times at your house, I hope these pieces of art and friendship helped brighten a little piece of your days.

Sending love and hugs.

Jill Adamy

Jill Adamy said:

All my art friends and their wonderful creations are what kept a smile on my face this whole time! Brightened each day with all the mail art you’ve all sent! xoxox

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