Monthly Mail Art and Swaps

A few years back, I joined in a couple of online art groups to meet other artists who enjoy creating and sharing fun and inspiring work. It's funny because never did I think that when I joined up, I'd find some people that I just adore and really consider my close friends (even though we've never even met!) These ladies are some of the most considerate, loving, friendly and funny chicks I've ever met and I'm lucky to have them as my friends.

Each month we've got a bevy of art swaps flying back and forth all over the U.S., Canada and France. It keeps us all on our toes and we have a grand ol' time creating pieces for one another to enjoy. This last couple of weeks, I've received some really great art pieces to share with you!

Each month our group swaps calendars that we've decorated with another member of the group. My February calendar arrived the other day and it cracked me up! My friend Charlotte knows I'm cuckoo about my dogs. The bikini clad dude with the creepy porn 'statche?!?! It makes me laugh every time I see his creepy face!

My friend Shannon from British Columbia send over this really pretty Spring-like tag that she made with all sorts of butterflies and flowers on it. Definitely brightened up the snowy winter doldrums around here!

This was such a fun project! There were 5 of us in this "add and pass" postcard swap. What we had to do was, when the card arrived to each artist, that person was to add something to the card, sign the back with a short description of what we did and then send it to the next person on the list.

I began my postcard with just the purple boots and the floor. As it made it's way around to Kathy (skirt), Tammy (top), Lynne (apron, purse & kitten) and Shannon (face). It took us several months to get them all circulated but once this one arrived the other day, I about died! I love how it turned out and especially loved reading all the different notes from my girlfriends about what they did to add their touches. Definitely a swap I'd love to do again!

Working with children's flash cards, our group is currently swapping altered flash cards using various forms of text. These beauties arrived from my friend Louise all the way from France! I love how these turned out and I can't wait to play around with the background card she sent (top of image).



Shannon said:

Yay Jill! I am so glad you like the tag and are happy with your postcard! I will admit, the face was daunting at first, but I was pretty happy with my solution. :-) What an awesome postcard you ended up with..your brilliant start set us all off and running! I want to do that swap again as well! Soon! So much awesome art you shared here. What a grand bunch we are! Hahaha!

Lynne Foerster

Lynne Foerster said:

This is a lovely way to share these wonderful swaps, Jill. Just know that we had fun creating these items for you and also treasure you and your artistic talents! It’s wonderful having close friends (whom we’ve never met) become such important parts of our lives.

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