Mixed Media Project: How to Create a Mermaid Mixed Media Paper Doll

Mixed media mermaid paper doll #mermay

One of my favorite things to do is to create fun art pieces while using up part of my stash of art papers, ephemera and supplies. It's always fun to see what is born from making something out of nothing!

Today I just finished up this mixed media mermaid paper doll made from an old cereal box and some odds and ends I had in my art studio. I love how she came out (and evidently, so does my 8 year old daughter because she has put dibs on this little lady for her room decoration!)

mixed media mermaid doll

I've created a video to share with you the process of how I created this doll and the steps I took to embellish her and give her lots of color and personality! It was a super fun project and I can't wait to do another mixed media art doll (I'm thinking maybe a series of them to hang up in my studio to decorate!) What do you think?

Hope you enjoy her and take a look at the video if you have some time! Want a laugh? If you watch the video, you'll get to hear the most epic snoring of my dogs I think I've ever heard. Talk about sawing logs over here! 

Enjoy the video and share if you make one!

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