Meet Rosemary Lois

This summer (and spring, for that matter) has sucked. I don't mean to be brash about it but it has. First our nearly 13 year old pug died, leaving us all missing her itty bitty face and big personality. Then, my dad died and it was pretty sudden and unexpected. So that turned our lives upside down, and not for the better! All this and then my oldest daughter turned 10. Poor kid has her papa die a week before what should have been a happy and joyous occasion for her.

And that's where Rosemary Lois comes in. 

We adopted this cute little puppy from a family in way way way up Maine. I had been talking to the man who's pug had puppies and he had one little girl left. Turns out, she was available on the actual day of Charlotte's birthday! What luck! So my husband and I blatantly lied to our children that we had funeral business to attend to and then drove nearly 4 hours each way to go pick up the little pug. She was teeny tiny (like the size of a softball) and we just couldn't believe how lucky we were to find her.

Arriving home, Charlotte nearly fell over in tears as she hugged and kissed this little face. She just couldn't believe it. After all the sadness, she and the other kids finally had something to be joyous and happy about! She was named Rosemary Lois (Rosemary, because Charlotte just loves the name. And Lois to honor the memory of our dearly departed pug, Lois.)

This little bundle of fur is adorable and sweet and we're all very in love with her. Funny thing is, though, the one that seems to have taken to her the most is our English Bulldog, Mirabelle. They're best friends already and spend every waking hour together, playing or cuddling. Funny to see how the largest and the smallest find common bonds together. Meanwhile, our other two older black pugs just sit and watch contentedly, happy with the fact that they're not being bothered by the little one!

So we're back to having four 4 leggeds in our care and couldn't be happier!

Enjoy your day! And if you've got a pet, give it a kiss and pat from Rosemary!

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