Making a Journal Out of Amazon Prime Packaging

I know, I sound nuts. Why not just buy one? Well, to be honest, I order a lot of stuff off of Amazon Prime and every time they send a package, it's stuffed to the gills with craft paper. Rolls and rolls of craft paper. And it takes up a ton of space in my recycle bin. So it got me thinking... what can I do with this paper to give it a purpose? And then it dawned on me: A junk journal. (There are blank journals available for purchase in my shop here.)

First, I ironed the long swathes of paper to take out a good amount of the wrinkles. Not all of them, but most of them. I still like the wrinkled texture. Then I cut them down to two different sizes and hand stitched them with binding twine. Now for the fun stuff: Creating pages of art on this newly created handmade journal.

Junk journal flowers page

This was the first page I created and the pages held up surprisingly well with all the paint, collage, glue and pen that I used on it!

Junk journal mixed media owl

The next page I worked on was a mixed media paper pieced owl using up scraps from my paper bin. And you'll laugh when I tell you that the eyes, beak, flags and branch are all from paint chip swatches that I had from the hardware store.

Junk journal houses villages page

This was just a purely painted page in my junk journal using cheap craft paints, some pens and lots of doodling. I love how it came out, and it's bright, cheery and quirky (the way I like things!)

I'm now going to do more pages in this journal to try and fill it up with more art. Once I've finished the whole thing, I'll be sure to do a journal flip so you can see how the entire thing turned out. But for now, if you'd like to check out the process videos, see them below:

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