Make Your Own Washi Tape

Washi tape. We all love it. Admit it. Whenever you're in Michaels or AC Moore, you'll pick up some sassy little patterned washi tape to add to your ever growing collection. And what's sort of a bummer is that when you're working on a project and need washi tape, the patterns that you have aren't always exactly what you're looking for. Then, you're stuck. It's frustrating. This just happened to me this weekend when I was starting to prep my planner for the 2014 "The Documented Life" project. I couldn't find any washi tape in my stash that was bright enough or had the patterns I was looking for. So, I decided to make my own. That's right. Make my own washi tape. And it's super duper easy to do!

Here's how:

  1. Gather up your supplies. You'll need some scrap pieces of paper (old scrapbook paper seems to work fine). The best patterns to use are the ones with lights and darks so that your tape won't be too "washed out." You'll also need scotch tape (I like using matte finish in case I feel like writing on it). You'll also need scissors or a cutting mat and a cup of water. You'll also need glue or a tape runner to adhere your final tape to your project.
  2. Put your tape down on the side of the paper that you want to use.
  3. Cut around the tape so that none of the paper edges are peeking out. I use a cutting mat and a ruler because I don't have a paper cutter. But whatever you have will work fine.
  4. Once you have your "taped strips" ready, submerge them into a cup of water for about 5 minutes. This softens up the paper fibers.
  5. Remove the paper strips from the water and then gently start to rub the paper on the back (not the taped sides). The paper will start to break up and you'll be able to see the paper pattern that has now transferred to the tape. 
  6. Once you've rubbed the paper off of the tape, allow it to dry. I generally let it dry overnight so that it's ready for the next day. It will curl up a bit, so once it's dry, put it under something with weight to flatten it out a little bit.
  7. I love using washi tape on the edges of projects, like my journals. I use a tape runner (just a cheap one from CVS) to stick it down to the paper but you can also use a glue stick or other type of glue to adhere it to a surface.

And that's it! How stinkin' easy was that!!!??? I'm LOVING making my own tape and really adding personality and style to my projects!


Sophia Mikat

Sophia Mikat said:

Great tutorial! Would love to see pictures of the process!

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