I'm In A New York State of Mind

Empire State Building at Dusk

Another whirlwind couple of days in the big apple to wrap up our end of summer of 2018. It started out as a pretty shitty summer, with my dad dying on June 24th. Talk about a bummer. So the plans we had made all sort of went out the window because my mom moved in with us and none of us really wanted to leave her by herself after he checked out. So we've stayed close to home, spent days just sitting poolside and spending time with Mimi. It's been great, relaxing and nice to just chill out and not be on the go-go-go constantly. And with a new baby puppy, it's a little challenging to coordinate a pet sitter with 4 dogs! But.... we did it! So off we went to our little "home away from home" in our favorite city.

Growing up, I spent a lot of time in NYC. My dad worked there and would commute there pretty often so I got to know the city pretty well. It's fun to share that with my kids (and my husband). But what's even more fun is doing some of the tourist stuff that I never did as a kid. The only "touristy" thing I did as a kid was the Empire State Building, but everything else was just pretty much a regular thing to me... like Central Park, taxi cab rides, Little Italy, Central Station, etc. So it's fun to go and do all sorts of stuff with the family that I didn't do as a kid.

Ripley's Believe It or Not Museum

We enjoyed checking out Ripley's Believe It or Not Museum as well as the National Geographic Theatre and their oceanic exhibit. Never been to either of those places and we had a great time checking out all the cool stuff at each place. What's nice is is was only about a 3 minute walk from our hotel.

Times Square at Night from the Balcony

Times Square at Night from the Balcony

Speaking of our hotel, it's about our favorite place to be in the city. I love to see how comfortable the kids are there, in the room and out on the balcony. Being there on a fairly consistent basis, they know the place like the back of their hand and it's fun to watch them just chill out and enjoy the city. I think the  thing I get a kick out of the most is that they know where everything is in Times Square, so I know that if God forbid, we ever get separated, they'd know how to get back to our place.

Becco food from Lidia Bastianich

We always eat good when we're in the city. Usually, we trek down to Little Italy to my favorite restaurant to eat like pigs, then stroll around chomping on a cannoli or gelato. This time we tried something different. We wanted to check out Becco in our neighborhood. Never been there and the kids love to try new places. Let me tell you, this place was IT. It was delicious. We all ate and ate and ate the never-ending table side pasta (the menu changes daily) and loved every course. Afterwards, we walked back to our place but had to stop and get a gelato at our favorite place on 8th Avenue, called Amorino. So. Good. And with a macaron on top... yikes!!!

Chocolate Gelato

It was fun getting a sneak peek at the MTV Music Awards and seeing all the set up to get ready for that as well. Talk about security... it was pretty cool to be there and watch it get put together at Radio City. 

Jazz at Swing 46

But I think my favorite (and the rest of the family too) was the Swing 46 Jazz supper club that we went to last night. It was AWESOME. I'd never been to this place before and we just sort of stumbled upon it on our walk home the previous night from Becco. We got to eat dinner and enjoy the best band, who played songs that were incredible! The kids had a blast listening to some of their jazz favs and we got to watch some really great dancers as well. Next time, I'm totally going to take part in the group dance lesson that they offer during intermission!

All in all, we had a wonderful time again in our favorite city, our home away from home. It's such a great time to enjoy with my kids as I've been able to enjoy it my whole life with my parents. I couldn't help but wishing my dad was still alive to be there with us, he would have loved it. He was born in NYC and spent a lot of time there, so it's sort of bittersweet being there and not being able to share it with him.


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