How to Remodel a Kitchen on a Small Budget with No Construction

Ever since we moved into this house 6 years ago, I have hated the kitchen. I mean hated it. It was a honey colored wood nightmare that was so drab and dull and totally not our style. But considering we loved the rest of the house, we decided it would just have to be until we could save up for a remodel to make it more of what my husband and I both like.

Enter my childhood babysitter, Lori, from Cut and Roll Painting and Home Improvements. We sat down together to go over what she could do to "remodel" our kitchen using what we already have but making it into something we love.

Working in tandem with her partner Gino, Lori prepped and painted my cabinet bases while Gino used their spray booth to paint the doors. In a little over a week, my dreary and dated looking kitchen went from blah to wow! And I am just beyond thrilled with the final result.

Here's what we started with. Hello, 2003... your kitchen called and it asked for a makeover. We went from this honey wood colored disaster...

to this... a light, bright and clean updated kitchen that I just adore!

Now I can't wait to be in my kitchen! And it came out soooooo much better than I ever could have imagined!

Have a great Memorial Day weekend!

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