Happy First Birthday to a Very Sweet Little Pug!

Happy Birthday Rosemary!

Our sweet little angel baby is one today and we are celebrating with a party full of all sorts of delicious treats to spoil her! We are so lucky to have this little pug be part of our family because she makes all of us smile every single day with her antics and craziness!

Fawn Pug Rosemary is 1 today!

It's been quite a life (a spoiled one, at that!) for this little sweetie pie. We lost our 12.5 year old fawn pug a year ago in April and were devastated. You'd think that with 2 other pugs and a bulldog, the dog quota would be filled. But after my dad died in June after losing Lois in April, everyone was just a basket case. Too much sadness for one household! Luckily, this little sweetie pie was available for adoption so we couldn't have been luckier! And she's named Rosemary Lois (Lois was our elderly special needs fawn Pug).

Celebrating a big birthday today!

This little precious baby pug adores her girl

We'll be celebrating with burgers and treats tonight for dinner to celebrate this special little sweet baby and how happy she makes us!!!

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