Graduation and Dorm Painting to Celebrate My Niece

Hard to believe but my middle niece is officially graduated from high school and headed off to college in a few short weeks. Where did the time go when I'm pretty sure I just changed her diaper like yesterday?!?! Yikes, I'm getting old... because this shouldn't be happening... I'm not ready. I'm not ready for her to be 1,400 miles away in Alabama. I'm not ready to not be able to see her anytime. I'm not ready to not be able to see her perfect face or listen to her infectious laugh anytime. Nope, I'm not ready. At all. There... I said it. 

So as we all got together to celebrate her graduation, I decided that I was going to give her a painting that I made specifically for her. The colors remind me of her. And she's always been so supportive of my art and put up with me making like every single Halloween costume ever. I hope when she looks at this painting, it'll remind her of what a f'n rockstar I think she is and how wonderful and perfect and smart and sweet and everything else she is too. 

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