Easter Doodling and Easter Wrap Up

Good morning! Happy "day-after Easter!" Funny how fast this Spring seems to be flying by when it seemed like it was so far away over the winter. Maybe it was because we were moving homes and had so much to do and now that it's quieted down a bit and the dust has settled, we've got time to sit back and enjoy a little bit.

Yesterday was a fabulous day spent with my family. It was the first Easter without my dad so I was a little worried if it might affect the mood of the day, but luckily, everyone seemed to enjoy themselves! Starting off with an Easter egg hunt, followed by baskets of goodies, a delicious lunch out and a nice relaxing day on the screened porch with my mom, hubby, kiddos and pups.

Easter Egg Hunt 1

Easter Egg Hunt 2

Easter Egg Hunt 3

We've spent the last two major holidays driving out to visit family in NY state, so it was nice to have a quiet and low key holiday with just us. No hustle and bustle!

After lunch we sat out on the porch while the littles enjoyed playing outside in the yard. So I got out my journal and started doodling around while chit chatting with my mom and husband. Nothing but mindless doodling in my journal. And I love how it came out! Lots of mandala-ish designs but not being so careful and cautious to make it all even and perfect. I love when I can work on something and have it turn out just the way it does, without the stress of perfection.

Black and White Art Journal Doodles 1

Black and White Art Journal Doodles 2

Busy week this week with lots of baseball and softball games with the kids so not sure how much artsy time I'll get in. But I'll be certain to bring a journal with me while I sit and watch my littles play their hearts out!



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