Donation Project: Connected Forever Rocks are Shipping!

As you probably already know by my previous post, I've been asked to paint 20 rocks with positive messages for a group of angel moms who have experienced the tragedy of infant loss. These rocks, painted with the words, "hope," "strength," and "peace" will be given out to attendees of a mom's retreat that is happening in June in Lincoln, Nebraska.

I wanted to just share a quick peek at these rocks as they're complete and packaged up getting ready to ship off to Makaela at Connected Forever.

Each rock is wrapped in cellophane and tied with a coordinating ribbon and Glimmerbug tag. They'll be given to each of the attendees of the program and it's my hope that each mom will be happy when they open up their positivity rock.

Working on this project over the past couple of days has made me realize just how lucky I am that all 3 of my pregnancies and deliveries were somewhat uneventful and smooth with no major problems or after concerns. I can't even grasp what these angel moms have endured, losing their babies either in utero or shortly thereafter. These moms are strong. These moms are tough. These moms deserve the utmost respect and love for having to endure something that I can't even imagine. Where I think I'd crawl up in a ball and cash in my chips, these moms keep going. And that, is what a hero is made of. People who are thrown lemons and turn them into lemonade. People who get dealt the worst possible hand in life, yet they keep going and turn their unimaginable loss into something that has made them and their family stronger. These people have to be the strongest of the strong and I am grateful that I was able to provide my small piece of art to them to show them my love and respect for all that they have endured.

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