Donation Project: Connected Forever and Hand Painted Rocks for Mom's Retreat

A few weeks ago, a nice woman named Makaela contacted me representing a group called "Connected Forever." This group assists families with premature birth or infant loss by providing education, emotional support and resources to help families deal with such a tragic event. They are planning a Mother's Retreat in June for moms who have experienced infant loss and I was asked to create 20 hand painted rocks to include in each package for attending participants.

It got me thinking. Man, am I lucky. I've had 3 healthy kids. Three healthy, fairly uneventful pregnancies. And 3 joy-filled deliveries. A lot of parents aren't that lucky. And I can't even begin to imagine the pain and emotion that you experience in losing a baby. 

Happily, I've agreed to create these hand painted rocks to send out to the program based in Lincoln, Nebraska. Each rock will feature a positive word, such as "Strength," "Hope," and "Peace." Similar rocks can be found in my online art shop here.

I look forward to working with this organization and can only wish that my small donation will help a family coping with such an unimaginable loss.

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