Do You Still Mail Cards? Send Cards with a Dual Purpose to Your Family and Friends!

Jill Adamy

Watercolor Note Cards Hand Painted

I never tire of getting mail. Not bills... the good kind! Cards, postcards, little letters and notes from friends. It seems to be a lost art. People just don't seem to make the time to send actual mail anymore. It's all electronic communication these days and truth be told, it makes me sad. 

A bunch of my art friends and I still actually do send mail to each other on a fairly regular basis. And it's always so nice and surprising to open up the mailbox and see something fun and friendly looking back at me. It puts a smile on my face and brightens my day, for sure.

It got me to thinking... why not create cards that can also be framed into artwork once they're sent? Seriously... it's like sending a card AND a gift all in one! So out came the watercolors and on went the creativity hat!

As you'll see in my shop, I've got a bunch of different themed card sets that you can buy to send out to family and friends. And once it arrives, the recipient can put the card into a frame and display it! A thoughtful and unique "gift" for your friends and family. And what's more, these cards are blank on the inside so they can be used for any occasion (or no occasion at all, which is my favorite!)

Stop by and check out my hand painted watercolor greeting cards in my online shop!

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