Cupcake Wars with the Kids!

My kids love baking shows. They're obsessed with them. Especially ones that revolve around cakes and cupcakes.

The weather over the past few weeks here has been hot and humid with thunderstorms popping up pretty much every single day. So we've had to come up with some indoor activities to keep us busy and excited. We decided to have our own Cupcake Wars! 

My 3 kids each came up with several different categories or themes of what they wanted to create for each day of cupcakes. I got busy baking the cupcakes and we went up to our local Hobby Lobby to gather our baking supplies. It was fun seeing all the various tools and items that we could use to create our cupcakes.

Some of the themes in our challenge were:

  • Kids Movies or TV Shows
  • Animals
  • Monsters

Check out some of their fun baking creations:

A Narwhal - by Charlotte, age 10


A Rhino - by Joey, age 6


Panda - Grace, age 8


Frog - Grace, age 8


Minnie Mouse - Charlotte, age 10


Monster - Joey, age 6


Minion - Joey, age 6


As you can tell, they had a ball creating each day with all the different themes they had to work with. Every one came out so well, that the "war" didn't really have a winner because they were all fabulous! 


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