Create with Me: Making Marks in My Junk Journal

Hello!! Today I'd like to share with you a project that I did in my junk journal that I made out of Amazon Prime shipping paper. That's right! That stuffing craft paper that Amazon uses when they ship your packages! I ironed it out, hand stitched it together and made my own little junk journal. 

At first I wasn't sure how it was going to turn out. I was skeptical. But once I got it put together, I couldn't wait to get started! And as it turns out, I love this little journal. It's really holding up well to all the mediums I'm throwing at it, such as acrylic, stamping, paints, pencils, glue and collage. Surprising, I know! 

So I've got a video up on my YouTube channel if you'd like to check it out, showing you how I created this page. It's a quickie video and I love how it turned out. Funny how I generally start out with not an idea in my head and just go where the page takes me!

If you'd like to grab one of these junk journals to try out, I have them available in my shop (in two different sizes!) Click here to check them out!


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