Create with Me: Junk Journal Page with Girl and Owl

I'm loving this junk journal that I made from Amazon Prime shipping paper. It's great to not only be able to recycle such large amounts of paper but also to use up stuff that's in my stash, like my cheap-o acrylic paints. 

First off I created the background using just the acrylic craft paints that I had on hand, some bubble wrap and some splatters. Next, I cut up some cloud shapes from an old dictionary that I picked up at the Dollar Tree. 

Then I took out my watercolor paper from Walmart and sketched out a girl, owl and bird on it using a gray-ish color watercolor pencil. I use a watercolor pencil to sketch because once the water hits it, it'll disappear so no harsh lines left! I love how she turned out!

After quickly adding in some grass and a tree, I glued down my subjects with a glue stick and then added some shading using a black watercolor pencil. Totally easy and a fun little page that I just love! 

The video for this project is up on my YouTube channel if you want to watch how I created this page!

TIP: With my watercolor girl, owl and bird... I scanned them into my computer and then printed them out on my printer so I didn't use the originals. That way, I can use them for other projects and keep the original safe!

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