Circles and Sleep In My Mixed Media Art Journal

Mixed Media Art Journal with Sleep promptDaily Art Journal Circles Prompt Mixed Media Art Journal

On this very snowy and blizzardy day, I spent some time messing around with my art journal. It's fun to create a page a day-ish (I might not get to it every day and I'm not going to stress out about it if I don't!)

Today I worked on two pages: Sleep and Circles. I'm happy with the way they turned out! And what's more is that they only took about 20 minutes a piece to do, which is nice because I didn't spend hours or days working on each. Left me time to be lazy on the couch watching movies with my kids and whipping up a batch of Russian Tea Cakes (that are already gone, by the way!)

Daily Art Journal Circles Prompt Mixed Media Art Journal

Tomorrow appears to be another snow day here with schools and businesses closed. We're all hunkered down for another day indoors, even though my kids are dying to play outside in the drifts. But considering the winds are about 40MPH, I don't think I want them out there blowing away down the street! So let's keep fingers crossed that this weekend is a better outdoors play day (and that the temps stay up just a little bit!)

If you'd like to see a video of these in progress, hop on over to my YouTube channel and check the videos out!

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