ATCoins Mixed Media Artist Trading Coins for an Art Swap with Friends

I'm officially addicted to creating these ATCoins! I love making them and using up a bunch of my scraps of papers and items from my stash. There's just something satisfying about using the stuff I already have. Take, for instance, what I make the bases of these out of. Can you guess what the circles are punched out of? Cereal boxes. Yep, I punch the circles right out of cereal or snack boxes from the recycle bin! It's a cheap and fun project while recycling at the same time!

Over the past couple of days, I've been creating these ATCoins for a swap with some of my art friends. We're working around the theme "faces" so I used a bunch of images from James Burke Creative that I purchased on Etsy. I adore his art and just love the pretty little faces that he has created. So I got to work coloring in the blank white ones and creating my own!

I can't wait to get these packaged up and shipped out to my art friends and hope that they will enjoy what I created. Have you tried creating some of these ATCoins yet? Definitely try it out... it's a fun little project that you can enjoy and a total stash-buster too!

Have a great day!

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