All Moved and Settled and Getting Back into the Swing of Art Life

Our backyard

Our front garden full of beautiful daffodils

Whew! It has been such a whirlwind of unpacking boxes and setting up our new home. But let me tell you, it is just about the best place in the world for all of us. This new house has given us all a fresh start after a shitty 2018 and we are all so blessed and thankful that we've found this gem and are able to call it home. It's just paradise to everyone in our family.

We had originally planned to renovate my childhood home into a house that would fit the five of us plus my elderly mother. At first, this sounded like a great idea, because we'd only have to sell one house to make this project do-able. And the kids were so open to the project, we were ready. We found a builder and came up with a budget and were about ready to go. Then... we went to an open house. And that's when the entire plan changed.

One Sunday afternoon, we saw that there was an open house for a home that was owned by a celebrated children's book author and was located in a town that was a lot closer to my husband's work and with an outstanding school system. Never thinking we'd fall in love like we did, we went to the open house to see how this house was set up and to get ideas for our upcoming construction project, since this house was exactly what we needed and wanted. 

Well, as we walked around and toured this home, all of us knew this was it. From the first floor bedroom and bathroom for my mom to an art studio and shop within the house, it was just perfect. Never mind the expansive yard, fruit trees and beautiful mature gardens. Long story short, we knew this was far more perfect than anything we could ever conjure up from our construction project. So we decided to jump in and put 2 houses up for sale to try and get this house. In the long run, it all worked out (there were a TON of moving parts and lots and lots of stress) but the seller was just so fantastic to us and we fell in love with her and her husband. 

So here we are! The kids are all enrolled in their new school and absolutely love it. My husband's commute is about 1/2 of what it was. My mom has her own bedroom and bathroom that is on the first floor so it's a lot easier for her to get around. And I've got my art room and a future shop that I plan to sell from. It's just an absolutely PERFECT setting for everyone in my family and we really couldn't be happier.

Here's a few snaps of my art studio:

Art Studio 1

Art Studio Room

Art Room with Plenty of Natural Light

Art Room Art Studio 

I'll share some photos of the rest of the house soon (especially once the flowers and trees start to bloom!)

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