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End of the School Year Gifts

Personal, KidsJill Adamy

This year was a quick one for the school books, that’s for sure! My kids started in one school district and ended in another. Funny how at the beginning of the school year in the old town, we had no intentions of picking up and moving. And yet, here we are ending the school year in a new town, new house, new school district and new friends.

At first when we decided to make the move for the entire family, we had a tiny bit of pushback from one of the kids… the oldest one. Totally understandable because 5th grade is a tough age to switch schools and be the new kid. Luckily, the two youngers were all in and couldn’t wait to start. So after a lot of consideration and weighing of the pros and cons, all 3 decided to make the switch mid-year to the new school. Originally, we were going to just commute to finish out the year.

Now that we’ve been here 3 months, these kids couldn’t be happier. They’re flourishing and absolutely loving everything this new school has to offer. From extra curricular clubs, challenging school work, fun projects and very caring and encouraging teachers and administration, the transition went so smoothly, we couldn’t be happier.

To say thank you to our teachers and bus driver, we bought some gift cards to restaurants, coffee shops and, of course, Amazon to say a small thank you to the wonderful people who have made this year such a positive and amazing one for my 3 kids. Each envelope we made using our gelli plate, doodles and a little bit of collage so that they were all different. Then we used some extra pieces of paper to use as a thank you tag with a note attached for each recipient.

So exciting to have the summer ahead and our bucket list of things to do is about a mile long! But we’re ready and looking so forward to slowing the pace down for a bit and just enjoying the time off!

Have a great rest of your day!