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New Painting: "In the Garden" Acrylic and Ink Painting

Flowers, Mixed Media Projects, New Art!Jill AdamyComment

Every day when I wake up in this house, I’m inspired to create art. From the endless supply of fresh fruit, to the abundance of adorable wildlife in my garden, each and every day is a wonderful gift of inspiration!

This weekend I finished up a piece I’ve been working on in preparation for the “Bolton and Harvard Open Studios” event that will be here September 28-29. I’ve got a lot of new pieces to share that will also be available for purchase and I’m adding this beauty to the art shop wall this week!

It’s a rather large painting measuring 18” x 24” and filled with bright and vibrant flowery blooms. Of course, in every garden inspired painting I do, there are 3 ladybugs and 4 bumblebees hidden among the florals to represent my 3 kids and 4 dogs, who are all the loves of my life! Couldn’t have ever asked for a better group to surround me each and every day!

Wanna see more photos of this painting? Here you go! And it is available here for purchase.

Have a wonderful week and enjoy the first week of school if it’s starting for your crew! Ours begins on Wednesday and if I’m honest, I’m crushed that they won’t be with me all day every day. Gotta find a new norm and new routine! Funny that the kids are more excited than the parents in this house. But I’m excited for them and can’t wait to hear all about their new adventures and what the year will hold. We’ll have a middle schooler too, so that will be a new thing for all of us!