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Glimmerbug Handmade Art Shop Boutique Will Be Open Tomorrow (October 13th)

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Lots of paintings are ready for you to hang in your home or gift to someone special!

Lots of paintings are ready for you to hang in your home or gift to someone special!

I’m opening up the shop tomorrow from 10-2, so come on over, check out some of my new art pieces (I’ve got the cutest little Halloween trinkety boxes!) and visit with me for a little bit! If the flag is flying, the shop is open!

Right now, I’m finishing up some really cute Halloween projects. These are for art swaps with my friends, but I’ll have some hanging around for you to check out if you’d like to see how they’re turning out. They’re little books filled with cute little Halloween images, little pockets and tags. I love creating tiny pieces, especially little books like these! It’s sort of like a mindless paper craft that I can do while watching the baseball playoffs!

So, if you’re around and looking for something to do, take a drive out to my shop! Here’s the address:

361 Old Littleton Road
Harvard, MA 01451

I’ll have the shop open from 10AM - 2PM!


Psssst... Would You Like a Little Sneak Peek at a Secret We've Been Keeping?

AnnouncementsJill Adamy

We've got something special in the works over here. Something that has been keeping the kids and I VERY busy since we've moved into the new house. My kids and I had an idea. A vision. And it's really coming together! It's very exciting for all of us to have something fun to work on together. I love hearing their ideas and how they try and sell each other on what they think is the best way to get this project wrapped up. They're all in! And they're super excited! It's awesome to watch them formulate their plans and then put them into action. Plus, they're learning a lot along the way (which, by they way, they don't even realize because they're having so much fun! But I know they're absorbing the little mini lessons that get sprinkled in each day without them even knowing it!)

As for now, we've got a lot of moving parts to still work on in order to get this vision off the ground. A bit more research and some fine tuning, organization and good ol' fashioned pep talks and we'll be in good shape and ready to share what we've got going on!