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Farm House

Farmhouse Decorations for Our New Country Home

Our Country Home, PersonalJill Adamy

I’m the first to admit that I’m not a decorator. I love to look at what people do and admire everything they create in their homes to make them look so beautiful. The past two homes we’ve lived in have been newer builds with the typical builder grade finishes. Not much imagination or specific details to either, but I loved them both just the same. They were perfect when we lived in them and we loved living in both for the time that we spent in each.

Moving to this home has been a dream come true and has allowed us to create our own sense of style. My husband and I have always loved the farmhouse theme, and now that we live in this older, country house in such a beautiful and idyllic setting, we’ve put ourselves full force into decorating it in the farmhouse style.

The couple that we purchased this home from took immaculate care of it, so it’s definitely not a challenge to find things that work in this house. So last week, while my kids were knee deep (not kidding) in cow shit on my mother-in-laws farm, I went and raided the clearance racks over at Hobby Lobby and Michaels. And boy did I find some great stuff!! Check it out:

What I’m finding that works for me is looking at various photos online and in magazines and saving them to a notebook or to my phone so I can emulate the pics that I see that I really like. For instance, I found this photo on the Hobby Lobby website and really loved it. But I didn’t want to pay full price for everything in the photo, so I used some artistic license and found a few other decorative pieces on the clearance rack at Michaels that I think work just as well for my living room! (The photo on the left is the Hobby Lobby version; the photo to the right is my interpretation using the clearance rack!)

Well, that’s it from here today! Kids just got home from the farm last night so we’re spending the day chilling out and enjoying being at home after 13+ hours in the car yesterday!!!

Have an awesome day!