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Halloween Art Projects and Swaps Are Keeping Me Busy

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Pumpkin mixed media block is ready to head to a member of my art swap group. Hope she likes it!

Pumpkin mixed media block is ready to head to a member of my art swap group. Hope she likes it!

Halloween is like the funnest. Most fun? Best fun? Well, I’m not sure how to word it, but whatever way you do, know that I love Halloween and creating stuff in the Halloween genre. While I’m not really into really scary or gory decorations, I do love cute, quirky, whimsical and colorful decorations. In fact, my mother-in-law and I went out shopping last week during her visit up north to get some new decorations for Halloween. We set up an adorable Halloween village in our entry way to greet visitors, complete with colorful orange candy corn lights! Very festive and the kids LOVE it!

Anyhow, in my favorite FB art group, we love swapping art that we’ve made for one another. This month, shocker, it’s been Halloween themed and I’ve had a blast coming up with some creative pieces, including a mixed media wooden block with an adorable witchy hat pumpkin perched on top!

So I wanted to share with you some photos of the projects I’ve been working on that I’ll be sending out to my artsy friends this week in celebration of the “funnest” Holiday in the fall!

Next up is the Dia de los Muertos shrine that I signed up to make for one of my art friends. I really didn’t have a box here to use, so I decided to construct one out of foam core board and really make it from scratch. Using colorful papers, rolled papers to make roses and a paper doll sugar skull that I found on Pinterest, I was able to build this little shrine with lots of colorful and glittery touches, making it a one-of-a-kind from scratch project. I love how it turned out!

Next, I wanted to share with you all the little 6x6 Teeny Mini Pocket Albums that I’ve created thanks to a wonderful tutorial on the Septeria18 YouTube channel. I wasn’t sure what to do with this paper pad that I had until I found this tutorial and created a bunch of these little albums filled with Halloween goodies! All of them are different and really fun to make. I can’t wait to send them off to some of my art friends for them to enjoy!

Finally, I want to share with you some cute ATCoins that I made up for another swap with an art friend. Using the Halloween “theme”, I was able to create some cute and quirkly little coins to send to her this week! Have you ever made an ATCoin before? They’re so much fun… and so addicting! Definitely try it sometime if you haven’t! It’s creating art with no set of rules or boundaries!

Hope you enjoyed seeing my Halloween projects and creations so far. I’m going to be working on some 3D fabric pumpkins next that I cannot wait to try out!

Have a fabulous day!

Project Share: Halloween File Folder

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I’m slowly getting back into creative mode after losing my mom 2 weeks ago. It wasn’t a total shock, but I don’t think it’s something you’re ever fully prepared for. It’s hard to wrap my head around not seeing her anymore. But all that emotion is for another day, another post. Once when I’m ready to have a good cry. Not today.

Today is about sharing a project that I’ve worked on these last few days as I slowly play catch up on the art swaps that I haven’t prioritized for the last couple of weeks. This is a file folder, Halloween themed, that I’ve decorated with paint, ribbon, stamps and collage for the recipient. I’ve also added in some little treats within the folds of the file folder, such as little pockets and creative pieces like pumpkins, crows, cats and a little “nut or candy cup” that the recipient can put together and place on their desk. A perfect little spot for candy corns!

I have such a great time creating items for Halloween! It’s definitely one of my favorite little holidays! So bright and colorful and full of whimsy. This project has inspired me to make more Halloween themed pieces for sure!

Hope you’ve got some Halloween fun on your art table! Tis the season for all things fall and Halloween!