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Christmas In July: Vintage Seed Packet Ornaments

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Vintage Seed Packet Ornaments for a Garden Themed Christmas Tree

Vintage Seed Packet Ornaments for a Garden Themed Christmas Tree

Moving into this country house has inspired me to decorate it in vintage and country themes. Right now, in the middle of July, we’ve got an Americana theme rockin’ over here that I absolutely adore! I think I’ve signed up for about a thousand country farmhouse style magazines so that I can really find ideas that work for our house and decorate it so that it’s beautiful each season. Of course, shopping for all new stuff comes with a hefty price tag and I’ve got to be careful not to spend the “family fortune” on all the shopping that I need to do! But I’ve been lucky so far… I’ve raided every clearance department at Michaels, JoAnns, HomeGoods and Hobby Lobby and I’ve found some great stuff to put out for our Americana home.

But that got me thinking. With so many rooms in this country house, I’m going to need a lot more Christmas decor than I’ve got. And here I was thinking I had too much at the old house! Well, time to start putting together some ideas for Christmas decor so I can have that ready to put up in the late fall.

I’ve always wanted to do a garden inspired tree and I think this year, I’m going to do just that! I’ll probably put it out in the entry way or maybe even out on the back porch that is covered in screened in. I decided I’d try and make my own ornaments/decorations for some of my tree ideas.

If you’d like to see how I made these, head on over to my YouTube channel and watch the quickie video to see how these came together. Pretty quick and easy, if you ask me! Just find some free printables online (mine I found at Pinterest but also have them available for you here) or check out what people on Etsy have for downloads. I buy a ton of stuff off of Etsy for printables!

And what’s great about this little art project is you don’t need a ton of supplies. I just used the printables, some paperboard (from a recycled cereal box), scrapbook scraps, jute twine, a hole punch, a black stamp pad (to make these look aged) and some Stickles for bling. Of course, you’ll also need a glue stick, but who doesn’t have a million of those!

Now I’ll have to take a look around at some local shops to see if I can find some miniature garden tools to add to the tree that I’d like to put up this Christmas. I’m super duper excited to see how it turns out when the time gets closer! I’ll probably start decorating the day after Thanksgiving!

Have a wonderfully creative day!

Video Premiere! New DIY Garden Inspired Christmas Ornaments!

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On Thursday at 12PM on my YouTube channel, I’ll be premiering a DIY video to show you how I made the most adorable vintage inspired flower seed packet ornaments for a garden themed tree I’m planning on putting up this Christmas. Super easy with stuff you probably already have lying around your art room.

Join me at 12 and check it out!