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Our Country Home

Happy Fourth of July! Here's How We Decorated!

Our Country Home, PersonalJill Adamy

Sadly, I don’t have a ton of 4th of July or Americana decorations to put up. Our old house was more of a contemporary colonial with a very open floor plan and not a ton of personality so just the bare minimum of decorations worked. But this house is a completely different story. It’s full of charm and character and I’m off to the races decorating it in the farmhouse theme.

As I retrieved the box with the 4th of July decorations in it, I realized that I really don’t have that much to decorate with. Well, (note to self) that will have to change! But for now, I worked with what I had and also made a banner for the mantle out of card stock and and image I printed off the internet (I just needed to distress it a little bit).

I’m happy with how everything turned out but now I know I have to stock up on more stuff for next year in order to make it a truly Americana 4th of July!

Since this is our first year in our new town, we’ve never celebrated a fourth of July here and weren’t sure what to expect. My girls were to participate on the Softball Rocks parade float so we got them to their drop off point and then staked claim to a nice shady spot in the downtown common to watch for the parade. Not sure what to expect, we didn’t think it’d be a huge parade so my 83 year old mom sat with us in what was turning out to be a pretty hot day!

Much to our surprise and total happiness (as if we could love this town more!), the parade was absolutely adorable and fantastic. All the town committees and groups as well as a bevy of old antique cars, farm stand floats, emergency personnel vehicles and candy being tossed from all the participants (which made for a very excited little boy of mine!) were so much fun to watch. And to top it off, my little ladies loved being on their softball float with their teammates and coaches, singing to lots of tunes as the live band of dads played on from their stage on board the float. Adorable! Fun! And totally small town America. What a town! My husband and I just sat there watching it all like two idiots with dopey happy grins on our faces. Neither of us can believe what a wonderful little town this is to live in, raise kids in and enjoy life in. It’s just full of such nice, friendly and family-oriented families that want to enjoy their kid’s childhoods like we do our own. It’s like we’ve all got the same ideals and morals towards how we want our kids to grow up. It’s wholesome. It’s quaint. And it felt like home from day one.

Farmhouse Decorations for Our New Country Home

Our Country Home, PersonalJill Adamy

I’m the first to admit that I’m not a decorator. I love to look at what people do and admire everything they create in their homes to make them look so beautiful. The past two homes we’ve lived in have been newer builds with the typical builder grade finishes. Not much imagination or specific details to either, but I loved them both just the same. They were perfect when we lived in them and we loved living in both for the time that we spent in each.

Moving to this home has been a dream come true and has allowed us to create our own sense of style. My husband and I have always loved the farmhouse theme, and now that we live in this older, country house in such a beautiful and idyllic setting, we’ve put ourselves full force into decorating it in the farmhouse style.

The couple that we purchased this home from took immaculate care of it, so it’s definitely not a challenge to find things that work in this house. So last week, while my kids were knee deep (not kidding) in cow shit on my mother-in-laws farm, I went and raided the clearance racks over at Hobby Lobby and Michaels. And boy did I find some great stuff!! Check it out:

What I’m finding that works for me is looking at various photos online and in magazines and saving them to a notebook or to my phone so I can emulate the pics that I see that I really like. For instance, I found this photo on the Hobby Lobby website and really loved it. But I didn’t want to pay full price for everything in the photo, so I used some artistic license and found a few other decorative pieces on the clearance rack at Michaels that I think work just as well for my living room! (The photo on the left is the Hobby Lobby version; the photo to the right is my interpretation using the clearance rack!)

Well, that’s it from here today! Kids just got home from the farm last night so we’re spending the day chilling out and enjoying being at home after 13+ hours in the car yesterday!!!

Have an awesome day!


Front Garden Tour! These Flowers are Epic!

Our Country Home, Personal, FlowersJill Adamy

Never in my life have I had such a gorgeous yard with blooming flowers that are so gorgeous they nearly make me cry every time I see them!

The lady who used to own this house had an incredible green thumb! There are just beautiful flowers, trees and bushes all over this yard. I notice new things each day like a little treasure hunt gift! So this morning I wanted to share with you some of the beauty that surrounds my house.

Since it’s raining here today, I clipped the peonies and one of the irises because the weight of the rain on the peonies and irises was forcing them to the ground. Now they sit in my favorite vase in the kitchen, brightening up my windowsill and putting a smile on my face!

Thursday in the Garden

Our Country HomeJill Adamy

When we moved to this house back in March, I never thought I’d love this yard as much as I do. I just can’t get over how beautiful everything is. From all the fruit trees (blueberry, cherry, blackberry, apple, pear, peach, apricot and plum) and flowering shrubs to the adorable wildlife that frequents it, the entire family just loves being out there, enjoying every moment.

Everyday, when I go out with my little 4 legged babies, we walk around the yard, checking out how the fruits are growing. I’m definitely learning a lot and can’t wait to see what turns into what and how they all ripen. Never having owned any fruit trees in the past, this is a big learning curve for my hubs and I. But it’s just the most fun we’ve ever had, seeing what sprouts and what treats are coming. The kids are convinced that we need to open a fruit market!

There’s also a lot of beautiful flowers in this yard as you’ll see above. That Rhododendron bush… do you see the size of it?!?! It’s almost as tall as the back of my house!!! And the adorable little birds nest that the robins have set up in it give us all a constant joy to watch the babies grow, eat and then fly the coop. We will all sit out on that back screened in porch that is in back of that gigantic Rhodie for hours on end, reading books and watching the little birds. My son even has a little table set up for his Legos out there! In fact, my high school girlfriends and I have deemed this porch the meeting place and we’ve loved every moment of relaxing out there with a glass of wine and laughing our asses off! Definitely one of the favorite parts of the house!

Anyhow, just thought I’d share with you the wonderful growings that our yard has going on in it right now. I’ll be sure to share as things ripen and we start picking, using and baking.

Enjoy your day! Get out there and create something!