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Art JournalJill Adamy

This past weekend, I spent catching up in a monthly journal that I have been keeping while participating in the Joanne Sharpe 2019 Artfully Inspired Life. If you haven’t checked it out, you should. This is like the 5th year I’ve participated in her monthly creative journal prompts and I absolutely love it. She’s a breath of fresh air and someone that I look forward to hearing from each month with new lessons and ideas.

Without revealing too much of what this particular month’s theme was, I wanted to share what I created. If you’re looking to join an art journaling group, she’s about the best you can ask for so make sure you click here to learn about this fabulous online class!

I had so much fun just painting with no plan, but mark making and creating intuitively. No plan, no rhyme or reason. Just fun making something pretty!