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Glimmerbug Handmade Art Shop Boutique Will Be Open Tomorrow (October 13th)

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Lots of paintings are ready for you to hang in your home or gift to someone special!

Lots of paintings are ready for you to hang in your home or gift to someone special!

I’m opening up the shop tomorrow from 10-2, so come on over, check out some of my new art pieces (I’ve got the cutest little Halloween trinkety boxes!) and visit with me for a little bit! If the flag is flying, the shop is open!

Right now, I’m finishing up some really cute Halloween projects. These are for art swaps with my friends, but I’ll have some hanging around for you to check out if you’d like to see how they’re turning out. They’re little books filled with cute little Halloween images, little pockets and tags. I love creating tiny pieces, especially little books like these! It’s sort of like a mindless paper craft that I can do while watching the baseball playoffs!

So, if you’re around and looking for something to do, take a drive out to my shop! Here’s the address:

361 Old Littleton Road
Harvard, MA 01451

I’ll have the shop open from 10AM - 2PM!


The Glimmerbug Handmade Art Shop is Open!

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I can’t believe it. After all this time, I’ve finally gotten all my ducks in a row and opened up my handmade art shop, located at my home. It’s surreal. And fabulous. And so much fun! I’m beyond thrilled with how today went with all the visitors who came to check out my art while on their tour of the Bolton and Harvard Open Studios.

Since buying this house about 6 months ago, my family has had a vision of turning the front enclosed porch into a little art shop with all of my handmade pieces on display. Our goal was to set everything up when we first moved in to get it up and running as quickly as possible, but with my mom’s health and being her care givers, we had to put that idea on hold so we could focus on her and her well being.

Sadly, now that she’s gone, we now have a little more time to devote to putting into our shop idea. So here we are, diving headlong into this little venture. It’s nothing fancy, nothing over the top. Just an adorable little room filled with sunlight and jazz tunes and colorful mixed media art!

Today was an absolute blessing! I never thought I’d have as many visitors as I did. The Bolton Harvard Open Studios event has been in the planning for several months now, and being that this was my first year, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. In the past, I’ve always done fairly large craft shows and events, with hours upon hours of tent setup and merchandising all of my art with a secret fear of each event having some sort of rain or crummy weather that would ruin my art. Talk about stressful. But now, I’ve got such a cute little setup and I don’t have to tear down, worry about rain or being unsure if the money that I put into the cost of the show was going to be made back. Now, my art is just up there on the walls of the shop for all who visit to look at and enjoy (which I hope they did!)

So thank you to all of the wonderful folks who came out today to support my art and visit the first day of my shop being open. It was an exciting day for all of us (my kids as well because they’ve been working hard helping us set up too!)

Hope you’ll come back and visit again soon! I’ll have the shop open tomorrow (Sunday, September 29) from 12-4 so stop on by!

Open Studios This Weekend! Come on By!

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I bought the cutest shelf at Home Goods and set it up in my shop to feature seasonal pieces, like Halloween and Fall.

I bought the cutest shelf at Home Goods and set it up in my shop to feature seasonal pieces, like Halloween and Fall.

This weekend is very exciting and I’m counting the hours til I open up my art shop for the very first time! Bolton and Harvard Open Studios is happening on Saturday from 10-4 and Sunday from 12-4. I’ve got a ton of new art pieces to show you as well as a bunch of adorable Fall and Halloween creations as well!

As I look around at all the art that I have hanging and set up, I realize I need to do more! I always thought I had a ton of stuff and now that I look around at the shop finally set up, I better get cracking to make more!!

Wall of art pieces in the shop.  Still have 2 more walls left to fill!

Wall of art pieces in the shop. Still have 2 more walls left to fill!

If you’re looking for something to do this weekend, stop by and say hello. There’s a bunch of us participating in this weekend’s event at various home studios as well as at the Bolton Town Common and Five Sparks here in Harvard.

Coming Soon! Open Studios Event!

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We’re only a little over a week away from this year’s Bolton & Harvard Open Studios event on September 28 and 29th. We are keeping busy over here getting our studio/shop ready for visitors that weekend. It’s so exciting! I’ve got so many new pieces for you to see (and I won’t be posting them online until after the event! Like TONS of new paintings and art pieces! It’s gonna be great! Hope you can make it out one of the days and stop by to say hello!


Video Premiere! New DIY Garden Inspired Christmas Ornaments!

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On Thursday at 12PM on my YouTube channel, I’ll be premiering a DIY video to show you how I made the most adorable vintage inspired flower seed packet ornaments for a garden themed tree I’m planning on putting up this Christmas. Super easy with stuff you probably already have lying around your art room.

Join me at 12 and check it out!

Bolton and Harvard Open Studios 2019

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I’m super excited about this upcoming event that my studio shop here at home will be participating in! Since my family has recently moved to a new town, we are excitedly getting things ready to share at this event in September.

Mark your calendars and stop on by for a visit to see my art and all the new items I will have available for purchase!

Psssst... Would You Like a Little Sneak Peek at a Secret We've Been Keeping?

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We've got something special in the works over here. Something that has been keeping the kids and I VERY busy since we've moved into the new house. My kids and I had an idea. A vision. And it's really coming together! It's very exciting for all of us to have something fun to work on together. I love hearing their ideas and how they try and sell each other on what they think is the best way to get this project wrapped up. They're all in! And they're super excited! It's awesome to watch them formulate their plans and then put them into action. Plus, they're learning a lot along the way (which, by they way, they don't even realize because they're having so much fun! But I know they're absorbing the little mini lessons that get sprinkled in each day without them even knowing it!)

As for now, we've got a lot of moving parts to still work on in order to get this vision off the ground. A bit more research and some fine tuning, organization and good ol' fashioned pep talks and we'll be in good shape and ready to share what we've got going on!