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Another Wild Visitor to Our Yard This Weekend

Personal, Our Country HomeJill Adamy

Yesterday as we were enjoying our Mother's Day with my mom, even though it was a crummy rainy day. The kids had lunch poolside after a morning of swimming and splashing. As they were chomping away on their lunch, they noticed this gigantic red tailed hawk perched out on the branches in our yard. Never have we been so close to such a large hawk!

We were all glued to the window, watching this bird just sit there, standing guard for its mate, who was behind the branches, gnawing on something that seemed to be a fresh kill. Sadly, as we peered out onto the yard watching these two birds, my oldest daughter noticed that what they were eating was a rabbit... one that we fear lives on the other side of our yard. Needless to say, there were tears and lots of "oh no's" from all 3 of my littles, all feeling so badly about witnessing nature at its harshest.

My husband walked outside to check out the scene after they flew away for a bit and, yes, it was the bunny.

Have you ever seen one of these birds flying overhead? I never quite understood the size and sheer magnitude of one of these hawks. They're enormous! 

I wish I could have captured the hawk in my yard more clearly, but it wasn't as close as I would have needed to get a clear pic of it. But I wanted to make sure I showed you a close up of what they look like. They're quite stunning!

Living out here in this new town, new surroundings and new country house, I can hardly believe all the wonderful trees, birds, flowers and nature there is to learn about. I love seeing all the new wildlife that I've never been that close to before... so it's magnificent! Every day we all look forward to seeing what other new adventures, wildlife and flora we'll discover.