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Psssst... Would You Like a Little Sneak Peek at a Secret We've Been Keeping?

AnnouncementsJill Adamy

We've got something special in the works over here. Something that has been keeping the kids and I VERY busy since we've moved into the new house. My kids and I had an idea. A vision. And it's really coming together! It's very exciting for all of us to have something fun to work on together. I love hearing their ideas and how they try and sell each other on what they think is the best way to get this project wrapped up. They're all in! And they're super excited! It's awesome to watch them formulate their plans and then put them into action. Plus, they're learning a lot along the way (which, by they way, they don't even realize because they're having so much fun! But I know they're absorbing the little mini lessons that get sprinkled in each day without them even knowing it!)

As for now, we've got a lot of moving parts to still work on in order to get this vision off the ground. A bit more research and some fine tuning, organization and good ol' fashioned pep talks and we'll be in good shape and ready to share what we've got going on!

Welcome To Glimmerbug Handmade Art

Jill Adamy

As a self-taught mix media artist, I enjoy trying new techniques, supplies and just plain making vibrant and artful pieces. In this day and age where negativity and media bombard us from every angle of our lives, I have chosen to make a conscious effort to try and keep everything around me feeling positive, bright and cheerful. I'm a "glass-half-full" kinda girl! I love flowers, nature, butterflies, birds, whimsical creatures and have a total obsession with owls. You'll probably notice this in a lot of my art.

Mixed media, acrylics and watercolors allow me to bring create art pieces that reflect positivity, love, hope, peace and joy. It's important to always look at the bright side of life because there's really so much beauty that surrounds us every day that I am so grateful for in my little suburban life in my small New England town.

I love being able to create art using a variety of materials and items such as watercolor, acrylic, paper, marker, pencils, and all the other fun supplies in my art studio. It gives me great joy to share my art with others. 

Wishing you a wonderful and happy day!