My Very First Mixed Media Art Doll

Posted on December 15, 2013 by Jill

This morning I finished up my very first mixed media art doll and I’ve gotta say, I’m totally proud of myself!!! I never thought it would turn out half as good as she did! Shocking!

Earlier in December, I started an online course that the talented Christy Tomlinson put together with some pretty top-notch instructors, called “2103 Artsy Ornaments of Christmas.” It was fabulously put together with tons of ideas, inspiration and creativity. I thoroughly enjoyed each and every instructor and their creativity.

One of the last classes was to create a mixed media art doll with Tam LaPorte from  I hadn’t worked with clay in like forever so this was going to prove to be a challenge! But I was totally up for it… and Tam’s calming manor (my hubby looked forward to me listening to the online lesson because of her soft, soothing voice) and ridiculously incredible talent made me so psyched to get started.

The class was AWESOME! It took me a few days to get this little darling sculpted (with a water bottle for a base) out of Crayola air dry clay (yes, I raided my kid’s stash of crafts!) At first, I was discouraged because it took quite some time to dry and once dry, it cracked. A lot. This poor dolly looked like something out of a Vincent Price movie, with her face cracking and peeling off. So I started to get discouraged. But then I thought to myself that maybe once I add a few layers of collaged papers over the top, it would make up for the cracking. And guess what!? It did! Yay for dolly! She was fixed up with hardly a missed beat.

After painting up her face (several restarts because I didn’t like how the eyes came out) and finishing up her dress, it was time for the hair. Aaaah, the hair. This part was starting to stress me out a little bit, considering I’d never created a doll of any kind before. Since I couldn’t seem to find mohair (and I really didn’t want to use that anyways), I found some fab yarn at JoAnn Fabrics that worked well for the hair. It’s soft and style-able making it easy to use.






I love this yarn, Bernat brand in “Rockies”. A lot of color and a lot of dimension.



Since I’m not big on angels (they sorta creep me out), I decided to use butterfly wings instead. Using some inkjet friendly vellum that I found at Staples, I did a quick search on Pinterest, found these beauties and printed them out. Using Silks Acrylic Glaze paints in the same color palette as my darling’s dress, I painted the wings up and once dry, added a coat of “Extreme Glitter” by FolkArt to the fronts and backs to give her a little more sparkle.



Aren’t they shimmery and divine?



A little fuchsia button added to the wings allowed me to cover up where they were glued on.







I’m a big fan of a collaged page, and now, a collaged doll. The library has fabulous free and really cheap books that I pick up here and there, and these pages come in handy for tons of collage projects. I also found some really cool old music scores online (Pinterest, again!) that I printed out, tore up and used on little miss fabulous.



Tiny little rhinestones adorn her collar, courtesy of an art project that my 3 year old had just finished up and had these extras leftover.



It’s probably safe to say that I’ll be doing another one of these babies soon because I had such a blast making this one. Since this was my first attempt, I’m sure there’s plenty of areas to improve on. But I will display this little cutie pie proudly as my first official attempt at creating a mixed media art doll!

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  1. Lisa says:

    I love love love her! I saw Tam doing these but did not sign up for the class yet. You did such an awesome job! She is beautiful!!!

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